Friday, May 21, 2010

BOX BREAK: 2009/10 Panini

I've been looking for a box of this product all season. I have seen some scans of the stickers and I must say I really like the looks of them.

That, and there is a sticker in there that I needed for one of my sets. Stay tuned for that one.

Now, I wasn't able to pick up a sticker book (they had none....ooooohhhhhhh weeeee - what up wit dat? That's my Saturday Night Live plug) so my opinion on the the whole package is marred. So I will just be going with the stickers I have.

The box I got had 50 packs in it (each pack containing 5 stickers). For $30, I thought it was a great inexpensive break.

This 364 sticker set really packs a punch when it comes to variety and diversity. They put some annual card releases to shame.

There are 240 base stickers in the set and I gotta say that I really like the design of the stickers. They are larger than the stickers from when I was a kid, but slightly smaller than a regular card.

Great player selection and a nice sticker design. My one beef would be the quality (or lack thereof) of the photos used. Some are great, while others look pretty blurry.

There are 30 'Superstar' stickers...I call them the sparkly ones. They focus on the star player for each team. Cool.

What's a set without rookies. 30 rookie stickers land in this set and some of the names are pretty big. Tavares, Gustavsson, Kane, Backlund. My only beef is the coalition of stickers. I ended up with 4 copies of the Mikael Backlund. I guess it could be worse.

Some of the subset stickers in the set are the award winners. 6 trophy stickers are in the set. Decent stuff, but again, I think the photo quality is a little lacking here.

Another one of the cool subsets are the division champions. 6 cards (one for each division - duh) and a nice photo for each. I like the design of these.

The team cards look really cool. The mesh jersey background is something I've always been a sucker for. Again, one for each team and they include the numbers of the retired jerseys (hint on why I was looking for one of the stickers for my collection).

They also have some season in review stickers that really capture the big moments in the league that year. Great stuff.

Overall, a really fun break. Low cost with high results. I think it would be even more fun had I had a sticker book. I'll be on the lookout for one.


  1. those stickers absolutely DESTROY what i was collecting in the mid-80s! but, i guess they should, huh? why the (insert fav swear here) don't more places carry these?!?! they're impossible to find. now that i've seen how good they look, i'm going to have to order direct from panini and get max onto the collecting. i actually bought him a box of victory last week, thinking we could collect those, but as a 6 year old it is so much easier to see what you need when you are putting the stickers in a book. plus, they are ridiculously cheap. thanks for the review!

  2. I have the sticker book if you want it; it came free with an issue of Beckett Hockey a couple months ago.

  3. Hey Dave,

    I'll keep my eye out for a box (as well as a book). I've seen a couple on ebay, but the shipping might be a bit of a dent.

    Let me know when you need some singles...I'll be able to help you out.

    Thanks for the heads up Casey. I'll keep that in mind.