Friday, May 21, 2010

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - 2009/10 Panini

Well, I'll keep the suspense to a minimum. Here is the main reason why I purchased a whole box of Panini.

2009/10 Panini
#301 - Retired Numbers Team Sticker

OK, so it's not the ONLY reason, but a big one. I've been wanting to get this sticker for the collection ever since I saw one of the other Linden collectors land one.

Yet another reason why I like the release. Such a simple concept...but like some of the best things in life - simple is best.

Now here's the fun part. Can you link the other two numbers that have been retired. Here's a hint (one of them is a bit of a trick). Good luck.


  1. Linden is 16 and Stan Smyl is 12 but I don't know 7. Is it Cliff Ronning? No idea.

  2. 12 - Stan The Steamer Smyl
    16 - Some guy ;)
    7 - the seventh man, in honour of the fans

    99- in a very stupid move by the league

    also not used, 11 in honour of Wayne Maki, except some idiot insisted on dishonouring his memory for a couple of seasons...
    and 28, in honour of Bourdan...

  3. Very nice. The number 7 is indeed the 7th man.

  4. I should have guessed it was something hokey like that. Leave it to Canada.

    Just kidding.

    So does that mean no one can wear #7 then since it isn't really a player's number?

  5. I don't think so. The last player to wear the number was Brendan Morrison.

  6. ummm...that's 7 thing is pretty lame.