Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MAIL TIME: Sweet Subset!

Today I received the final card in one of my favorite subsets this year.

A one of a kind concept that has really been a popular choice among collectors.

2009/10 ITG Between The Pipes
Net Brawlers II

Now who doesn't like goalies scrapping?

For years, card companies have steered away from cards depicting fighting. You would rarely see a Probert, McSorley, Boogaard, Schultz, whomever card showing them do what they do best.

So why the goalies?

Maybe because it's such a rarity to see two tenders drop the gloves. Maybe it's because they can sometimes put on one heck of a bout. Maybe because a card company just wants to try something different.

Whatever the case, the cards really appealed to me.

Some classics too! Hextall/Potvin.....Osgood/Roy. Definitely bring back the memories.

It's a 9-card set that doesn't use photographs, but rather an artist's painting of the fight. And ITG did a great job of using photos that hide the jersey logos (something they are not allowed to put on their cards). Innovative thinking.

Now why the Conklin/Nurminen card is tall vs. all the others is beyond me (I think it ruins the look when you have them in a 9-page sheet). The detail in the cards is really cool.

Originally released a couple years ago as a dual memorabilia 1/1 card (good luck finding one nowadays...most have been snagged up by player collectors), the demand for the cards was so great that ITG decided to put them out as a subset in this year's product.

Amongst all the mask cards I have received recently, this set stands out. A great add to the collection.


  1. NHL Properties does not alow any of the licensed card companies to depict fighting on any of the cards produced in the last 20 odd years... ITG being unlicensed means they can do anything they want.

  2. Now that makes sense.

    One good thing about ITG not having a license I guess.

  3. It's too bad that they didn't bring back the Roy vs. Vernon card as a non-memorabilia version for this set.

    Now that was an epic fight.

  4. Interesting....I never compared the two checklists. I just assumed that they were the same.

  5. I have wanted these since I saw the sell sheet but have still come up empty handed. Those are awesome.