Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Shane Doan

One thing I've been learning about cards as I go through my mid-90's sets....there be some ugly lookin' cards out there.

Concepts that boggle the mind. Photo selections that make me do a double take. Cards that just flat out should not belong in a collection.

Here's yet another example of a head-shaker.

1995/96 Upper Deck
#269 Shane Doan Star Rookie

Yup, he sure looks like a star rookie....a "superstar"!

Now had I'd known they would be using high school yearbook photos for this set....I'd have passed on getting the cards.

How unfortunate that your first hockey card IS THIS ONE!

I dare not ask for a closer look at the tie. And I definitely don't want to know where he gets his hair cut.

Is that his grad ring? Or just a Cracker Jack special?

If it weren't for the Jets jersey that you can barely see on his knee, you'd never know this was for a hockey card.

Actually, I'm still not sure it should be.

Shane Doan......welcome to the club.



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  1. I'd be embarrassed if this was my rookie card. Too bad it had to happen to Shane Doan, one of the NHL's nicest players. It ranks right up there with the Doug Gilmour's movie star pose.