Thursday, May 6, 2010

ONE SHEET, ONE SET - 2006/07 UD Mini Jersey

This installment of 'One Sheet, One Set' is another one of the great sets I was able to acquire in a huge trade a few weeks ago.

This set (like the last one) was an eye-catcher for me and I was really quite excited to see that I had 8 cards to fill the sheet...pretty cool that some cheap base cards can do that for a collection.

Again, it's a set that I didn't have much knowledge of at the time since Trevor Linden was not a part of it. Too bad as it could have been a cool looking card.

Here we go.

2006/07 UD Mini Jersey

When this set was released a few years ago, it really tried to be 'outside the box' (which I like). In a pack, you would receive 4 of these cards along with a mini jersey. The mini jerseys at the time were quite desirable...though now they have dwindled in price (unless you have a short print, alternate jersey or autograph).

While the jerseys themselves looked pretty cool, the first impression of this set is promising.

It's a 130 card set with 30 of those cards being RC's. Malkin leads the way in price for rookies while Crosby demands the biggest coin in the regular issue.

The front of the card has a lot of what I want nowadays in a hockey card. Good color (team issue), good texture, good photo and good layout. But let's break it down a bit more.

The photos are all full body shots (not that that's bad) and the photography is crisp. I have noticed more cards nowadays are slipping when it comes to the photos.

The layout of the bottom of the card is really quite simple. The mesh background utilized in half-ovals really come together nicely. I like the use of the drop shadows to create depth and the team colors really punch out and make this card instantly recognizable.

The text style for the player's name, team, position and number all work together nicely. I quite like the subtle difference between the player's first and last name. The only negative would be the 'registered trademark' symbol after the team name. It messes with the design in my books.

A simple UD logo in the top corner and we have the workings of a solid hockey card.

The back of the card picks up where the front left off.

I really like the mesh jersey feel here. It makes the card feel like more than just a card (if that makes any sense).

The card number is just what I'd expect. The team logo is nicely positioned. The player name is well placed and consistent.

The's the first hiccup. Only 5 season's worth. That's all you get. I don't understand why though. There's lots of room for 10-12 seasons at least. I guess you have to make room for the 'interesting tidbit'.

I like the player's number in the background of said tidbit. The info itself could be a little more interesting. Tell me something I don't know about the player.

The usual goop at the bottom of the card and it's all said and done.

Part of what I like about this card set is that it's simple. So simple that I feel like I could have designed it. Maybe that's where the extra appeal comes from.

A good player selection and a small set size makes this a potentially fun set build.

And the mini jerseys are a bonus.

4 out of 5

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