Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RAISE THE CUP - Long Time Since An Update

Wow! It's been a couple months since I did a post for this collection.

I must say that I have found a few new cards for the set, but I will hold on officially including them until I get around to actually posting them.

Here's a small sample of the new ones.

I was on the fence with this one as it doesn't have J.S. on the ice after winning the cup. It's in because it's a good shot of him - a memorable moment so to speak.

This is a beauty from a gorgeous looking set. Gillies was an underrated player in his era and it's a great snapshot of a true grit player.

Ho hum....Crosby. What hasn't this kid done?

A very cool looking card for what will become an iconic moment.

Current collection - 11 cards

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