Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Showing off some more vintage stuff in this installment of 'Cardboard Photography'.

The 70's was a bit of a mish-mash when it came to the photos to be put on cards. Some were downright nasty - either cutting out the background completely or having them stand in front of the infamous blue wall.

On occasion though, there would be a card that is eye-catching. Often, the card wouldn't even be spectacular in terms of photography. But what was captured shows that moment in time...that era in the 70's where tradition met evolution.

This card fits that bill to me.

1973/74 Topps
#31 Wayne Stephenson

Every single time I see this card I stop. I pick the card up. And I look at it closely.

It looks like a simple card with a simple photo, but it says so much more to me.

For some reason, the card just feels 'bigger' to me. Probably due to the photo and the full body shot that fills the card from top to bottom.

I like everything about it. The vintage jersey, pads, blocker, glove, stick and of course....that mask. What a beauty! One of the few pretzel-style masks captured on a hockey card. It's a shame there weren't more.

I like the framing of the photo. The left side just full of 'stuff'. Stephenson's eye sharp on the play, anticipating what's about to come. His crouch in the net which you get just a glimpse of. The right hand side is empty. It gives the sense of energy and the moments before the action. I always wonder what is happening in the play in the corner. Are the Blues killing a penalty? Are they scrambling out of position? Is somebody laying out a huge check?

The quality of the photo reeks of a past era. It's definitely not 50's style, but it's equally not of today's standards.

With the Blues a newly formed team in the NHL at the time, it also captures a timely moment in the history of the NHL.

In the end, a hockey card photo is whatever YOU may interpret it to be. For me, this card is truly one of my favorites.


  1. that's Charlie Burns behind Wayne during one of only two games Wayne would play in 1971/72.
    Minnesota beat St Louis on this day.

  2. Now there's some detail. Love it.

    Makes' the card even more interesting to me.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. R.I.P. Wayne :(

  4. Wow! I was not aware that he had passed away.

    And at 65.....far too soon.