Friday, June 4, 2010

1 vs. 100 - Big Mailday

Today's mailday brought with it a huge add to my 1 vs. 100 project.

A definite highlight of my existing collection.

2006/07 The Cup Honorable Numbers
#HN-GP Gilbert Perreault /11

HUGE!! Simple as that.

What a gorgeous card. Awesome patch. Fantastic signature. Low......LOW number. Beautiful.

I obtained this card from an avid collector whom I've been making cut signature cards for. He asked if I would like to try my hand at some other customs. Absolutely.

He sent off the signatures along with the Perreault and they arrived today.

Thanks again Greg and I hope you enjoy the customs that will be coming your way.

46 out of 100 (46% complete)


  1. Awesome card and one of the best lookin' signatures going! I absolutely love your 1 vs. 100 idea; I have an 03-04 Topps Pristine Andrew Peters rookie #26/33 if interested.

  2. Awesome card with a really nice looking signature. Doesn't get much better than that.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Hey Casey, if that serial number is on the front of the card....I am definitely interested.

  4. Front-numbered cards only, right? I've got a 4, 14 and a 37 for you.