Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, the huge Expo is going on in Toronto this weekend. It coincides with the release of the highly anticipated ITG Ultimate 10 product.

For those who have not seen it, it is a high end release with some amazing cards. And yes....Linden is included in the mix.

I have already seen a couple of the stick cards /24 land on ebay, but the 'holy grail' of the bunch has finally surfaced.

2010/11 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia
Trevor Linden Game Used Emblem 1/1

This is one heck of a card......and I know who has pulled it from the pack.....and this person is taking offers on the card.

Now the question becomes - Do I submit an offer? And if so, how much do I offer?

I feel like I have one shot at it. If I go too low, I'll never see it again (as I assume another Linden collector will grab it). I've never bid on a card from the Ultimate product so I have no clue what the card's value would be. I don't even know what kind of an amount I'd be willing to go with.

It's a huge dilemma for me right now. In the end though, I guess it's a good dilemma to be in.

What a card!


  1. Find out the reasonnable maximum, then go 50% above that ! Collecting is emotional, so even if the bid sounds illogical to the common man, to you it's better to be illogic than to to have the burden of the "emotional lost". ;)

    Go get it !


  2. I'll pitch in $7 if you wanna go halfsies. But, I get possession of the card on Mon, Wed, Fri AND alternate weekends!

  3. That might almost be enough. The alternate weekends thing kills the deal for me.

    His asking price was $1800. But he removed that as he is 'weighing his options'.

    I don't think he had many bites at that price.

    Should be interesting.

  4. lol, for $1800, get a complete game-used jersey !

  5. If he puts it on ebay, I think it will go for even more than that.

    There are a couple people who feel that money would be better spent just buying a complete game used jersey.

    That said, there is part of me that is entertaining the idea of making a serious go at it.

    It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity type card.

  6. game used jersey...interesting point. you could probably make a pretty close replica card from about a thousand more.