Friday, December 24, 2010

WHO AM I? - Round Two Revealed

Well, I'd say it was a little tougher to land all three autographs this time around.

The clue though did help out the one person to correctly name all of them.

Congratulations Casey! You correctly named all three 'big men'.

Tyler Myers (6'7")

Zdeno Chara (6'9")

Boris Valabik (6'7")
This is the one that stumped most people.

Thanks again for your comment and guesses.


  1. had the first one, guessed at the second one, no idea on the third one.

  2. any chance the cup limited logos chara is for trade? I'm a member at names Mike1433, my tradelist is

    if it's for trade please let me know on there

  3. Hey Mike,

    Sorry, the cards from that post aren't mine. I found them on ebay at the time and just borrowed the scans.