Thursday, February 3, 2011

BEHIND THE MASKS - GoalieGraphs Mailday many of you can name this goalie?

It's tough when they're not wearing their masks eh? Well, in this instance it might not have helped as the jersey he's wearing don't carry the colors he's best known for.

Today, I received a pair of autographed cards in the mail. Or should I say goalie cards. Or maybe I should go with the theme of GoalieGraphs cards. There are so many ways I can justify putting these into my collection that it just became a no-brainer that I trade for them.

Especially when I saw the sig in the first card.

2007/08 In The Game
Between The Pipes GoalieGraphs
#A-RB Richard Brodeur

That's right....'King' Richard. He's just a young pup in the photo (taken from his days with the Quebec Nordiques of the WHA). I'd rather have had a mask photo though - have I ever mentioned that I really like the vintage masks?

What really drew me in was the blue sharpie autograph. Blue's a common color, but not when it comes to product autographs (me thinks) as this one really stuck out. It's a pretty sweet sig too, although I've seen some where he throws his 'King' moniker in there - making for an even more desirable card. I guess at the point in his career when the photo was taken, he was just a mere prince.

I snagged a second card as well - one with a goalie mask.

2007/08 In The Game
Between The Pipes GoalieGraphs
#A-PB Peter Budaj

Or as his signature says....Tedar Butr. I think I put some on my toast this morning.

Seriously though. Budaj's got a pretty cool mask - very wintery. Anytime I see a Peter Budaj mask, I can't help but think 'Heidely-ho, neighbor'. Why?

His nickname is 'Flanders' and has Homer Simpson's neighbor painted on the back of every mask. He got that nickname as he's a proud Christian. Here's a look at the mask he's wearing this year.



  1. Haha funny enough I nailed the Richard Brodeur card right away. Sweet sig...Interestingly enough my Brodeur sig is a little different than yours...he must change it up sometimes

  2. Sure.....make irrelevancies about my post. :)

    You could have said "Man....that was tough - like REALLY TOUGH. I'll take a wild stab in the dark."

    I could have saved face.


  3. The one thing I don't like about this set is the use of the exact same background for every card. Other than that they're pretty sharp.

  4. That's right. You mentioned that in your blog recently too. I forgot to mention that.

    It might have been an interesting '70's blue background' on the Brodeur otherwise.

  5. Haha...that's only because he was a Canuck otherwise I wouldn't have guessed it... :P
    And I can never get the "Who Am I?" signatures, so this is just payback....

  6. that was the easiest one you've had yet. growing up in BC, I knew that was Brodeur.
    No mask 'cuz Brodeur wore a cage, and an ugly one at that....
    and this year ITG went to different backgrounds.... finally.