Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sorry if I made you do a double take. Yes, I'm posting an 'action' shot of The Gumper.

Actually, it's not so much the dazzling goaltending of Worsley that prompted me to post this, it's the 5 or 6 small details within the photo that made me bite.

1972/73 O-Pee-Chee
#189 In Action Gump Worsley

It's kind of nice to see some cards from the 70's with a little context to them. I wish more cards from that era had some sort of game action (as opposed to the dreaded blue wall shots). While it's not chalked full of high speed NHL action, it's still got some cool features.

This photo in particular gives you a glimpse as to the game the way it was. Let's take a closer look.

First of all, Gump. Maskless (one of the last to remain maskless...he only donned the protective piece of equipment for the final few games of his career) with his hair so nicely combed. I don't think my hair stays that nice - and I'm not stopping vulcanized rubber on sheets of pro hockey ice. Side note: SWEET SIDEBURNS - Those are some nice chops!

Gumper's equipment. The vintage brown - and I love the way you can see some of the padding on the back side of the pads. The blocker is awesome. I love those ol' round circles. Never did know what they were for though. And that glove looks to be about three sizes smaller than the mitts nowadays.

And how about that cameo by Paul Henderson? Did you guess it was him in the Leafs uniform? That helmet looks like it completely fall apart on impact. And the football-like face guard just reek of the 70's. Love the uniform as well.

Speaking of uniforms, how about that other player in the shot. Me thinks it's long-time Star Tom Reid. Regardless, it's a sweet uniform. That's a green you just don't see nowadays. Love it. No player nameplates on the back, just simple stripes and numbers.

Before I forget - tubeskates. I still think they're cool and would love to own a pair if I knew they wouldn't snap my ankles from the lack of support.

Want more - ok. Check out the boards in the background. Yes, they're white. These guys played in an era where corporate advertising was in its infancy (if even born at all). And finally, the lighting. Huge shadows coming from the players on the ice Hot spots and dead spaces. Today, the players have pristine surfaces with immaculate lighting. Not so back then.

So you see, while it may not be the most exciting action on the card, it's got a ton of character and reason to be included in my Cardboard Photography project.


  1. Great Card - those early 70s Topps/OPC sets are great.

  2. it is indeed, a great card.

    also, under the dasher boards, the blue line. A few rinks, among them Toronto and Montreal, had a blue line there up until the NHL forced everyone to change to a yellow one.

  3. on blockers...

    "older models, which were covered with real leather, but had holes cut in the leather to save weight."

    That that for what it's worth, I guess. Couldn't have saved that much weight in the grand scheme of things. Especially when the leg pads, etc. were ridiculously heavy. Probably just a 'look' thing.

  4. There is just so much to love about this card.

    First off, it's a Gump card, so instantly it rules.

    Secondly, I assume the picture was taken during the 71-72 season and he is STILL not wearing a mask!

    Thirdly, there are few things better than Gump's heavily pomade-d hair. I bet he combed that do between periods while smoking a cigarette.

    Lastly, Paul Henderson's helmet is all sorts of weird and awesome and primitive!

    I guess what I'm saying is, this card is the bee's knees.