Saturday, February 19, 2011

MAILDAY: Do Good Things... and Good Things Happen

Today's mailday was a real special one. A card arrived in the mailbox that represents a mindset that I've tried to keep in the forefront of my hobby ventures.

In the past I've been the privileged recipient of some fantastic gifts from people as a token of thanks for something I have done or said. I deeply appreciate these gifts and they are a very special part of my overall collection.

This latest card came to me from Tricia over at Cards On Ice and her contest a little while back. The stipulations of the contest were pretty simple. Post a comment explaining a random act of kindness you have done since the contest started.

I couldn't help but enter. I thought it was a great idea to motivate people into doing something with the intention of having nothing reciprocated. To do something 'just because'....I love it!

So I posted a comment and after a few days, there was a random draw from the responded to determine a winner. I was shocked to see my name at the top of the list when I checked the results.

So what did I win? Well, take a look.

2010/11 In The Game
Heroes And Prospects
Hero and Prospect Dual Jersey
#HP-02 Mario Lemieux/Tyler Seguin

Wow! This is one sweet card. On the back it states that the Lemieux jersey is from a game-used Penguins jersey and the Seguin is from the 2009 Subway Super Series and has a thick seam right in the middle. A great looking card.

Oh, and to boot, this card is 1 of 50 (silver version). Nice.

I haven't decided what I'll do with the card yet. I don't think I'll trade it anytime soon. I might display it at work next to my Marty Brodeur auto puck or put it with my equally cool custom team sheet. We'll see.

Thanks again for the great contest and putting the focus (once again) on keeping the hobby fun.

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