Thursday, February 10, 2011

MY COLLECTION - A Trifecta of Gorgeous Graphs

One sweet mailday today! From what I consider the best autograph set of all time comes three fantastic signature cards.

And I'm not saving the best for last. The top card gets top billing here.

2006/07 Parkhurst
#70 Cesare Maniago
Autograph Parallel

BAM!!! This is a sweet autograph hard signed on my favorite card from my favorite set. Need I say more?

OK....That vintage mask Maniago is sporting is killer! The vintage uniform, the vinatge equipment! The card design itself. Absolute perfection.

And wait, there's more from this set.

2006/07 Parkhurst
#102 Marcel Pronovost
Autograph Parallel

A great autograph from a 50's/60's era player. Why is it that a card so simple in design is so rarely produced?

This is the perfect set - plain and simple.

OK....last one.

2006/07 Parkhurst
#68 Al MacInnis
Autograph Parallel

This is what really sells me on this set. It's transcends the different eras of hockey, it includes a very eclectic mix of players and once again - the signatures are on the card. No stickers here.

Two of these cards completes my 'One Sheet, One Set' for the Parkhurst auto parallels (with the Maniago going into a new project - All-Time Greatest Cards). The 'One Sheet, One Set' guessed'll get the first (and maybe only 5 out of 5 rating).


  1. Sweet! My dad's close friend worked with Cesare because he was in construction after his hockey career! He never got me a signature though :(
    Sweet signature though!

  2. Nice! I got most of those guys sigs TTM on the those same cards. you can check them out at If you could follow it that would be cool too!