Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1 vs. 100 - Cup Rookie

I decided to do a search on ebay a couple weeks ago for cards that are on my 1 vs. 100 wantlist. With the list slowly reducing in numbers (literally), I am finding that cards are not 'falling in my lap' as they seemed to in the early goings of this project.

I managed to find a few cards that fit the bill and decided to place minimal bids on them. If I won them - great! If I didn't - so be it, there'll be others to come down the path.

Out of the half-dozen or so that I bid on, only one managed to be the winning bid.

2009/10 The Cup
Autographed Rookie - Level 2 Gold
#96 Steven Zalewski /48

This is a great hard signed thick, thick, super thick rookie card from a high end set. To land this card for $3.50 + shipping was a no brainer.

What I really like about this card is that it is yet another unique entry into the 1 vs. 100 project. As nice as it will be to complete this project, it will be even nicer to create a diverse set of cards representing it.

I might just have to start the trend of throwing minimum bids on a half dozen cards each week. If I land even one a week, I can have this project done by the end of the year. Yeah......it's just that easy....right?

74 out of 100 (74%)


  1. Cool project... I had to refresh my memory on exactly what 1 vs. 100 was, but it gave me a chance to read a few of your older posts. Best of luck on your project... it's definitely unique.

  2. Thanks Fuji. I appreciate the comment.

    It's been a fun project to pursue.

  3. Very cool, I missed some of the other posts on this project. Very ambitious, are you focusing on specific player you want, or anyone who fits the /##? Going after a /16 Linden I imagine is a must....

  4. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the compliment. If you have time, check out some of my other posts from the project.


    Not focusing on any specific players (in fact, I'm looking to do this as inexpensively as possible, so the more scrub players I get - the better.

    As for the Linden /16, I already have the one card of his /16 and that's in my Linden PC. While I'd love to grab another copy for this project, the asking price would be too high.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  5. very nice

    Steve is a good guy, when I saw him at Clarkson