Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAILDAY: Another Redemption Arrives

Got home from a long work day only to watch one heck of an exciting game 7 between the Canucks and Hawks.

I won't babble on about the result....but what a game!

Walking to the front door, I noticed the always welcome brown bubble envelope staring back at me. It was from the folks at Panini...I knew exactly what was inside.

2010/11 Certified
Freshman Signatures
#186 P.K. Subban /899

I was really happy to see this card arrive all safe and sound. Only because I am 2 for 2 with Panini redemptions being sent in what I would consider 'less than adequate' shipping packages.

I'm all for the bubble envelope, top loader and penny sleeve, but when that's it - I cringe. A little reinforcement to the card would have been appreciated.

I guess if it had shown up mangled, the guys at Panini would have been on top of things (I'd like to hope). After all, they did a nice job getting to my two requests so far.

While I'm not a huge P.K. fan (or a Habs fan....sorry), this is one really nice card (although these darn things are tough to scan). Hard signed auto and numbered to 899, this should make for some solid tradebait.

On to the second round!


  1. I will buy this card from you just so I can tear it in half.

  2. trade bait to me first there young sedin.... lmk what you're looking for in return...

  3. I see its numbered out of 899. Maybe you should expand your collection to '1 vs. 1000'?

  4. Casey:

    How much you willing to pay? :)

    Captain Canuck:

    You going to the Bossa show in May? If so, we can work something out.

    Baby steps.