Monday, May 23, 2011

BEHIND THE MASKS - Masked Men Progress

I thought I'd take some time to update the goalie mask collection. It's been a busy last few weeks with the release of ITG's Between The Pipes. Another 50 mask cards to collect with what I consider to be the nicest Masked Men product to date.

Panini has also jumped into the mix with their Pinnacle insert set Saving Face. This one is a big disappointment for me.

But first, a nice find at the card show last weekend. I haven't really pursued any of the mask cards on my wantlist recently. Rather, snag ones here and there when they literally fall in my lap.

This card did just so.

2008/09 In The Game
1972 The Year In Hockey
Masked Men #MM-04 Ed Giacomin

I love the retro mask and Giacomin's is a nice unique shaped lid.

While the photo on the card isn't spectacular, it does show that there's an attempt being made to showcase some of the older fibreglass masks.

This leaves me with just one more to get....Doug Favell.

Here's one of the four cards I have from the Pinnacle Saving Face insert set. They scan horrible, but look alright in person.

I was stoked to see Panini go with the retro mask for Quick as opposed to his regular helmet. Sadly, the photo is tough to really see any detail on.

The back isn't much better. In fact, it's this photo that really turns me off on the product.

Here's a great opportunity to put a nice closeup photo of the mask full force on the back of the card. This blurry picture just reeks of lazy.

I'm also not a big fan of the fact that out of the 19 card checklist originally posted, only 13 cards were produced. Apparently, there were some issues getting clearance to use the mask pics.

Really? You didn't get your ducks in a row before you started producing a checklist Panini?

Rookie mistake in my books.

Alright...on to the main chunk of my goalie mask collecting recently. ITG's Between The Pipes Masked Men III.

This is a 50 card set that really looks sharp in person, scans well too and has a pretty nice checklist. I'm not the biggest fan of the future stars included in the mix (as done in past years) and so it was refreshing to see only current NHLers make the mix.

Nice crisp photos on all the cards I've seen so far. Good detail on the masks. Can't miss in my opinion.

You really get to see the team colors, personal details and overall design take focus on this checklist.

Rookies and vets sitting in the same bucket. Nice.

Here's my one beef. The Tim Thomas mask. ITG used last year's mask as opposed to this year's lid....which is my favorite of the current players. Small detail, but still a little bit of a bummer.

I'll have to wait until next year.

Miller looks a little weird in this photo. Thought I'd share this one with you guys. Is he concentrating, confused or does he have to go to the bathroom. Only the photographer and Miller know for sure.

Out of the 50 card set, I have landed 30 singles so far. I've picked up cards at the big show last weekend, traders night last month and through the two boxes I've broken so far.

Completing the set won't be a problem. It's more of a when and how much. I'm not in a rush and I'm definitely not looking to jump at the first ones I see.

Overall, the goalie mask collection has grown quite a bit.

On the horizon....Memorable Masks from the 80's - Decades style. It's a 10 card checklist. Looking forward to the pics...if they're all like the Fuhr, I'll be a happy camper.


  1. Great stuff! I've got a Corey Schneider Saving Face if you're interested.

  2. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the offer. Cory Schneider and Cam Ward are the other two that I have.

    Thanks though.

  3. Do goalies generally change their masks every year or do you get a lot of repeats in these cards from last year?

  4. I'd say 50/50.

    Some guys keep the same mask for years (look at Marty Brodeur....he only just recently revised his mask slightly after almost 2 decades). Some guys switch it up yearly (if not more). Cam Ward comes to mind. He's had at least a half dozen different looks.

    I think more goalies are switching it up a little more often these days. I like that.

    I don't mind seeing the same mask on a mask card year after long as it's a different photo.