Friday, August 19, 2011


Ahhhh clutching and grabbing. It's been a while since I've seen a bunch of you in this sport.

While you are still around in small doses, I don't tend to see you on hockey cards anymore.

2002/03 Topps Stadium Club
#9 Joe Sakic

This card caught my eye when I was at a card show last spring. I don't recall seeing too many photos similar to this.

The clutching and grabbing and the 'zoomed in' close up shot really makes for some neat detail.

Joe is clearly looking down at the puck, which is out of his reach due to the less-than-subtle hold put on him by Leetch. Two minutes? I'd be curious to know if a call was made.

For such a simple shot, there is a lot going on. It's neat to see the detail on the gloves, shoulder patches, helmets, etc.

A better base card once you stop and take a closer look at it. How often do you take an extra moment to really look at the photos that comprise your cards?

The other thing that this card did for me when I saw it was be reminded of the current NHL Research & Development Camp.

I really liked the camp and hope that they continue to do this every couple years or so.

I was impressed at how some simple tweaks can make a positive impact in the sport.

Curved glass at the there. The verification line...duh, why didn't anyone think of that earlier. Same with the clear sheet on top of the net to allow for better replays on disputed goals.

Curious to see what makes it into the league this season and what comes down the road.

What were your thoughts on the R&D camp?


  1. I really liked all the innovations that you mention in your post. It would be interesting to see if the experiment with 4 minute 4on4 OT, then 3 minute 3on3 OT. The 4 inch reduction in the depth of the net would be an interesting change as well..

  2. bear hug rule--maybe my Leafs will be a winner using this technique-Truculence rules