Monday, August 29, 2011

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - Patrick Roy, The Collector

A few years ago, I purchased a box lot of oddball stuff on ebay. There were small card sets, pucks, stickers, a couple books and a few magazines.

One of the magazines that has stuck it out over the years with me is this Patrick Roy offering.

Now, I'm not too certain of its origin or year, but I am placing it around 1992. Read the articles and see if you agree with me.

This magazine introduces us to Patrick Roy, the hockey card collector. Now whether or not it is his own words is beyond me, but look at all the insight he has regarding the industry.

Probably the coolest part of the mag....a photo of Patrick as a kid - standing next to Brett Hull. Weird.

Now we have Patrick giving us a historical overview of hockey cards....and in just two short pages. Awesome stuff Pat.

I'm thinking Pro Set had something to do with the release of the magazine. Why is it that their company is the only one in bold?

I love the look into the future. Better pictures, more attention to detail? Sadly, Roy did not know that the industry was about to enter the junk wax era.

Large sets? More like overproduced and overkilled.

The fan gets a better selection of a higher quality product. I almost laughed at that one.

Finally, we have Patrick giving us his rock solid tips on collecting.

I will give this page credit. There are some tips that I think are important to follow.

Now I knew back in the day Patrick was an avid collector. I wonder if he still has a sizable collection? Or did the mid-90's turn him completely off the hobby (like it did for a number of us).

One last thing this magazine has to offer. For those who do not speak English...

...just flip the magazine over and read the French version.

A neat little piece of hobby history. Something I have kept all these years mainly because it has Roy's mask on the front. The details inside are pretty much non-news and very dry to read.


  1. I had this book as a kid, it came with the 91-92 Pro Set Beginners Collectors box Roy is standing up with near the net in one of the photographs from the magazine (pg. Patrick's Tips). A binder also came inside the box (also shown in the photo) along with a bunch of Pro Set cards. Good stuff!

  2. What you have there is actually apart of a collector's starter kit put out by Pro Set and Victory productions. It was a 69 piece set which included a pretty nice binder, a 4 row card storage box (holds 2000 cards), the magazine, a Beckett, 50 91-92 Proset Cards with the chance of getting a Patrick Roy auto and a few other knick-knacks.

    I bought two and still have the binders and one of the storage boxes. The binder had his mask on the front of it just like the magazine and the box has an action shot of him on the top plus some of the information I just listed.

    I have long lost the magazine so it is nice to see what it looked like again.

  3. Definitely an interesting read, cool find. Also, I think that mask pic on the cover is the same one from the 'Le Masque' card from 91-92 Pro Set.

  4. Bingo. Thanks for the info guys.

  5. I think I might have had that set as well. I think I buried it somewhere because the last thing I needed was a "starter kit."

    1990-91 was such a rush, though the whole thing just got oppressive within a couple years. It also ushered in the explosion of vintage card prices. I still remember passing up a Bobby Hull rookie that winter because at $85, it was overpriced by about $20. Little did I know....