Sunday, October 30, 2011


I've said many times in the past - Do good things and good things happen. That extends out from the simple boundaries of hockey card collecting (obviously), but for this post, I will stick to just that circle.

Over the past couple weeks, I've been the recipient of a few acts of generosity from other hobbyists and hockey fans. While I know a couple of them read this blog, not all might. Regardless, I'd like to offer a big 'Thank You' to everyone who've been generous in sending me a gift, a card, a package, a piece for my pc. The cards upcoming in this post are just a few recent receipts, but there have been a few as well in the past.

Thank you!

On to the show & tell.

2010/11 In The Game Decades Autograph #A-TLI Trevor Linden

This card is one that I have wanted since it came out last spring. A nice hard-signed Linden auto. One of the first autos released by In The Game since Trev agreed to sign with ITG.

But the price tag has always been too high for my liking. I was really hoping to trade for one.

It took a number of months, but I finally found a copy at a previous traders night and the wheels were in motion to try and work a trade.

No luck that night (but I knew there would be more chances the following month).

Well, a few months have passed and at the last traders night, the owner of the card just handed it to me. He said we could work something out down the road, but for now the card belonged in my collection.

Talk about trust and generosity.

Of course, me and my 'Achilles Heel' issue of not remembering names.....can't remember his name. I think it's Mike (in fact, I'm pretty sure).

I do know that he collects HOF autographs, and I'm making a point of finding a card that will fit nicely into his collection.

1991/19 Score Young Superstars #11 Trevor Linden

This card along with the one below came from the same trade night.

Brian (Captain Canuck) pulled this Linden out of his stashed box of cards and simply plunked it down on my box of traders. Not looking for anything in return.

And although I already have a copy of this card, it's the gesture and the thought that counts (cheesy as it may sound). But what I do plan on doing is replacing the copy currently in my collection with this card. It might be a little more 'worn', but it will be a card that will remind me of a very simple gesture that really means a lot.

1991/92 7th Inning Sketch #283 Jamie Linden

This is the second card Brian gave me. Another Linden....but not Trevor this time.

I had always contemplated starting a collection of Jamie's cards. Trevor's younger brother has a couple dozen out there. If I ever do, this one will sit proudly in the pc.

As it stands, this one's not going anywhere.

Thanks again Brian!

2007/08 Upper Deck Ice Glacial Graphs #GG-SA Marc Savard

There are two people I have to thank for this last grouping of cards. Casey (over at Drop The Gloves!) and Steven Kampfer.

Who's Steven Kampfer you ask?

I was asking the same thing after joining Casey's contest at the start of the season. Kampfer was on the 21-man starting roster for the Boston Bruins this year. Casey's contest consisted of people winning when the first goal was scored, first assist, etc. Each entry was given a random player.

I was given Kampfer.

The problem.....he was injured. The benefit....that made me a winner right off the bat.

I received a beefy package from Casey last week and the Savard was the one of many great cards to add to the collection.

Let's take a look at some others.

2005/06 Upper Deck Trilogy Ice Scripts #IS-MT Marty Turco

This hard signed Turco is a really nice card. I've never really taken the time to look at this set. Man these cards are thick. It's like a solid piece of fibreglass. It won't bend and I'm sure it would snap as opposed to tear if you tried to split it in half.

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders Leather Larceny #1 Cam Ward

I've seen these cards in the past and was really happy to see one included in the package.

It's got a look and feel of leather (ok...not a real feel of leather, more like a leather looking texture). Still, a pretty neat idea.

Some of the photos on these cards in the set are a little 'meh' for me, but the Ward is pretty darn solid. Just look at him showing off the puck he's found in his glove.

2010/11 O-Pee-Chee Marquee Rookie #605 Jacob Markstrom

I really liked the looks of this card when Casey showed it off on his blog. I even commented on it. I can't help but think he made a mental note when I saw this card within the stack I received.

Just that little bit of something that means just that much more to me.

Of course, if it was just a coincidence then I feel like a bit of a maroon....but I'm betting on the prior.

This card represents the goalie cards that were included in the package. I nice assortment, some with a nice closeup shot of the mask. Cool beans.

2005/06 Upper Deck Rookie Threads #RT-BB Brandon Bochenski

In addition to the autos and goalie cards, there were a few jersey cards. Very cool.

How many of you remember Brandon when he lit it up with Ottawa that one preseason? How many of you took him in your hockey pool as a result? Let's not talk about that anymore.

I wonder where he is now?

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders #99 Daniel Sedin

This Sedin card represents the bundle of Canucks cards included in the package. It was very nice of Casey to make a note that I am a Canucks fan. Some cool base cards from recent releases that will fit nicely into my 'One Sheet, One Set' project.

1991/92 O-Pee-Chee #422 Chris Terreri

Yes! Chris Terreri makes an appearance on my blog. It might be the only time he does.

I just really liked this photo of Chris getting snowed. Looks like a Flyer was the culprit.

This card represents some of the 'old school' cards from back in the day. There were some great Upper Deck cards from the early 90's and a few OPC goodies.

1980 Topps #77 Dave Stieb

Talk about a guy who might never see the light of day ever again on my blog. Dave Stieb.

Yes, in addition to the many hockey cards I received, there was some baseball included in the lot.

Blue Jays - all of them.

It instantly took me back to the early 80's when I collected both hockey and baseball. I miss those days.

Very cool stuff.

Overall, Casey fired off 45 cards my way. More than I ever would have expected from simply entering my name into his start-of-the-season hockey contest.

A very generous contest at that (since I was not the only winner).

Thanks very much Casey!

These are just three examples of the generosity that I see on a pretty regular basis. Not just towards me, but in general. At shows, at stores, happens more than one might think.

Often, a random act of kindness gets overshadowed by some of the negativity that hovers around this hobby like a vulture. I really wanted to make a point that this generosity is something that can easily overpower the negative if one wants it to.

Thank you again to everyone who's been a part of the positive in the past. It's something that has not gone unnoticed by me.


  1. Love the Dave Stieb rookie card... easily my favorite from the bunch. He was a little before my time, but he is one of the most famous guys to graduate from the same high school as me.

  2. and you're welcome. I've been waiting 20 years to find someone who'll appreciate those cards.

  3. The newest Beckett Hockey has Markstrom on the hot list; I'm going to need that card back. Kidding, of course. Glad you enjoyed the cards.

    I'm in agreement with you in regards to generosity; when I started my blog, I never anticipated the many people who have given me cards, made thoughtful comments, and just overall been awesome, friendly people (even Canadiens fans).

    If we were all independently wealthy, I'd suggest we have an annual meetup...

  4. Hey Robert,

    Thanks for the comment. I'm holding off on posting it because it contains your e-mail address.

    I will see if he needs that HOFer and if so, maybe we can work something out.

    I'll let you know.