Thursday, February 16, 2012


I like them. Simple as that.

I enjoy reading about other people's collections and 'hobby-goings-ons' and I also like seeing some cool pics from various collections out there.

I enjoy blogs that don't linger for months (I understand that sometimes people grow weary or bored with their blog......which is fine. But don't become a slave to the blog and feel obligated to post).

I like well thought out posts. It can be about anything, but I like the ones where the person writing it WANTS to write about it as opposed to writing for the sake of an audience.

While I really enjoy the blogs on my daily list of travels, I'm always excited when another one joins the club.

And so with that, I'd like to make you all aware of another hockey blog to test drive.


A Tomas Kaberle collector, Kev has finally dived into the world of blogging. And a heads up.....he starts things off with a doozy.

I for one am looking forward to his ramblings and words and such. Best of luck to you with your new hobby branch.

Check it out if you get a chance.

Are there any blogs out there that are 'must reads' for you on a regular basis?
Besides mine............... :)


  1. I read everyone's that are primarily hockey related. At least, everyone that I know of.

  2. one that I always have to try and remember to go see (damn wordpress) is Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains.
    Awesome blog.

    1. Wow - thanks very much! (I kind of agree on the d@mn wordpress thing...)

  3. Thanks Brett! Appreciate the link :)

    Now, how to top the dual shield....hmmmm LOL

    1. That's easy....

      A Linden shield that would then be traded to me (for future considerations).



  4. I don't even collect hockey cards and I read the hockey blogs. I blame Captain Canuck.

  5. Sal at puck's the one to blame for me starting my blog LOL

  6. Obviously you're blog is the one that brought me into this blogging world so I'm forever grateful to your site! But I really enjoy a lot of great sites...just a bit offside, wax stain, puck junk, dogface, card boarded, shoebox, card from the crease, drop the gloves, play at the plate, collectors corner...did I miss anybody?? I hope not cuz I look forward to reading all of your posts everyday. Check out my blog real, I enjoy all those blog. But like I said yours is special...