Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 vs. 100 - 22....The Second Time Around

Just one card from the massive bubble mailer barrage is headed to the '1 vs. 100' project, but this one gives me some long overdue closure.

Over a year ago, I made a trade for a card /22 which at the time would have been one of the more rare cards in my project.

I was really excited to work out a deal and even more stoked when the envelope hit my mailbox.

07/08 Upper Deck SP Game Used
#SN-DC Dino Ciccarelli /22

The excitement quickly turned to disappointment and frustration as I noticed the card had a couple of creases by the number die-cut (you can see one of them in the upper left corner of the '22').

Immediately I contacted the trader who indicated he didn't know about the creasing. Seeing it in person....it's pretty tough to miss.

I wanted no part of adding this card to my pc and so I asked for compensation. Reluctantly, he agreed.

The card still sits in my trade box to this day. A blunt reminder of a trade gone sour. Note to everyone - myself included....make sure you know the condition of your cards before you purchase them or before you send them off. Don't develop a reputation for sending 'less than advertised' products.

Thankfully, the card that plopped out of one of the numerous bubble envelopes I received Monday put that feeling to rest - finally.

2006/07 Upper Deck The Cup
Honorable Numbers
#HNTW 'Tiger' Williams /22

First, let me just say. this card is 100 times better than the Ciccarelli. I am actually happy that Dino arrived creased.

To land a Tiger Williams piece for my project is fantastic. A hard signed piece with a patch (sadly not from a Leafs jersey....but UD says it's from an official game) puts this card high up on the list of faves in this project.

While it took quite a few months to knock this one off the list, it can finally be put in its place amongst the other numbers. One closer to completion.

82 out of 100 (82%)


  1. I have a question I've been meaning to ask but always forget to:
    For the 1 vs 100 project, what are your thoughts on hand numbered cards? Do they fit in or do you just do stamped?

    1. Good question. While hand numbering obviously doesn't affect the print run, aesthetically I'm not a fan. So I'm not accepting them for my project.

      To see them all stamped on (and on the front of the cards) just gives it a more uniform look that I think will look really sharp when complete.