Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Trade deadline has come and gone and for most of us - it was a snoozefest.

Don't tell that to the Cody Hodgson collectors out there though. From a hobby sense, Monday was a life-altering day.

How do I know? I've had the same thing happen to me.

It was February 6, 1998, the day before the start of the Nagano Olympics. Trevor was ready to compete with Team Canada in what I would only think to be one of the pinnacle moments in his career.

He was dealt for Todd Bertuzzi, Bryan McCabe, and the Islanders' third round draft pick (Jarkko Ruutu). Just like that....his days as a Canuck were over (temporarily at least).

Part of me was stunned. My guy was being traded from my team. I've never dealt with this sort of thing before. And now I'm supposed to cheer for the Islanders? They're not even on TV here in Canada. In fact, the only time I got to see him play was in person - New York came to town to face the Flames and I picked up some cheap tickets to the matchup.

From all to nothing, I was pretty bummed. If there was a silver lining to the cloud however, it would be that he was out of the Keenan/Messier shadow. For a few months leading up to the trade, Trev was 'in the doghouse'. Unfairly I felt too. The Keenan era in Vancouver just destroyed the kind of player Linden was (and he never really fully regained that).

After the Olympics ended and Trevor donned the Fisherman logo jersey, I quickly realized that it was the name on the back that meant more to me than the crest on the front of the jersey.

I was a Linden fan. And that trumped everything.

It's still odd seeing that footage.

Did I enjoy watching him play in New York, Montreal and Washington? I guess it was better than nothing. I was thrilled to see him return to Vancouver, but my loyalty to the Canucks has never been the same (even to this day).

I've heard a number of Cody Hodgson collectors talk about possibly trading away their pc or no longer collecting his stuff. Some will continue on with Cody and start picking up his Sabres cards. Whatever the decision might be, it's the individual's choice.

My only suggestion....don't rush into anything. Don't have that fire sale quite yet. Don't make a snap decision. Give it a few days, maybe even a few months. If you still feel passionately about it, go with it.

I have no doubt that if I abandoned my Linden collection after Trevor was traded in '98, I'd be regretting it to this day.

Anyone else out there lose their favorite player to another team? How did your player collection change (or did it at all)?


  1. like most collectors, I've had this happen to me as well. And, it really depends on who it is to determine my reaction.
    In hockey, if Carey Price was traded, I would continue to chase after his cardboard. I've been on board with him too long.
    But let's say that Louis Leblanc gets traded. With him, I'd be done. No more.
    I'd follow his career as the 1st round pick growing up with Montreal.... but once he's traded, I'd be done. The attachment isn't there.

    So these collectors have to ask themselves... did they collect Cory because he's the "next thing" with their beloved team, or did they collect Cory because he had that "it" thing that makes us want to follow him?

    I hope that made sense.... it's late.

  2. I've actually had it go the other way. Hasek was always my favorite player growing up so I started off collecting his Sabres stuff. Then he was traded to my team, which was awesome.

    As far as the opposite of that, I'm all about the name on the back too. I would follow Howard anywhere he goes at this point. I'm too far invested to just give up on it, unless maybe he went to the (insert team I despise) i.e. Canucks, Sharks, Pens, then I might think twice ;)

  3. I've came to the decision I will follow CoHo wherever he goes (except Boston or Chicago) because in the long run I did really enjoy watching him grow and all that and I don't want it to stop here. But I'm in no way saying he as an individual is more important to me than the Canucks...cuz he's not.

  4. The way I see it is...if they're your favorite player, why get rid of all of their cards once they're traded? I'm a huge NYR fan(I know, you probably hate me), and when they traded Adam Graves, I was devastated. I still collect his cards from every team he played for. I will collect players currently on the team, and if they get traded, no big deal. If you really like the player, keep the collection. If I would of traded all of my Messier cards when he went to Vancouver, I would've felt really dumb a few years later.

    1. Jason........
      ....I hate you.


      Good comments.