Wednesday, February 29, 2012


No laughing.....I went to an antique show this past weekend with my mom and my niece. It's a show that I've been to a few times in the past. There's one table set up way in the back that has some neat hockey and baseball items. Real oddball-type stuff.

It's the main reason I go.

Actually, the main reason I went this time was so I could hang out with my mom and my niece. It was the first time my mom and I took her along along and I think she had a ton of fun.

That was until she was literally sitting and waiting for me to finish going through 'the sports table' as my niece called it.

"You're worse than Grandma when she orders a cup of coffee." Referring to the time I take when I look through stuff.

Hey, I came to dig. And when you dig, it takes a while. But sometimes, that digging turns to gold..

I found a few hockey items (like some 1971 Topps hockey cards for my 'One Sheet, One Set' collection), a couple cards for other pc's, an oddball Los Angeles Kings team set from the '80's and a smokin' hot Billy Smith Topps rookie card. I'll share those later this week.

I also grabbed this item. It just spoke to me.

It's a 1970 Topps insert poster. It measures about 9x9 inches. It's in awesome condition. The sharp folds indicate to me that this has been stashed in a closet for a long time.

"Bob Clemente?" I asked.

Yup, Roberto.

This guy was one phenomenal ballplayer. But even more than that, he was a tremendous humanitarian. Ahead of his time in my opinion.

That chuck to third was just ridiculous.

I didn't know much about the Topps posters from 1970, but took a chance on the lot of items I picked out. I got everything for a price I was happy with.

When I got home, I did a little researching. This poster is part of a set of 24. It's the highest valued poster of the lot. Johnny Bench comes in a close second.

Not sure what I will do with this yet. I have no problems keeping it for now, but I think it will make for some good tradebait down the road.

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