Monday, February 13, 2012

SCRIBBLES & SCRIBES - Mistaken Identity?

It never ceases to amaze me. The level of laziness, sloppy work, lack of caring or all of the them combined when it comes to some of (actually....make that MOST OF) the signed hockey cards out on the market.

This card was briefly in my grasps (as I moved it on to a player collector) and the sight of his signature inspired this post.

Alexandre Burrows

Now, upon initial viewing, you might say "Hey, I've seen worse". And you'd be right.....if his name was Mason Raymond! This is Alex Burrows' autograph. Initials - A.B.

I guess there's a bit of fun it trying to decipher the reasoning of these scribbles out there, but that's not what an autograph should be about.

Drayson Bowman

Now on the other hand, here's a signature that offers up zero guessing in determining the penstrokes.

With effort and purpose, Drayson has laid down a great looking autograph. You'd immediately think that he's somehow related to the legendary Scotty Bowman.

But no......they are not.

The looping D and B really give off a cool look. And the Bowman is very controlled and legible.

Thanks Drayson. You prospects take note.


  1. first thing I thought of when i saw Burrow's auto was Mike Richards. But yeah, Mason Raymond works too...

  2. I wonder how many Alexandre Burrows with Mason Raymond auto cards are there. Just a few or all of them?

    1. All of them.......since that's Alex Burrows' actual autograph.