Monday, February 13, 2012

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Big Mailday....... Like REALLY BIG!

It hasn't happened much in the past. In fact, I can only remember one other time when I've arrived home to find the mailbox literally overflowing with bubble mailers.

I recognized a lot of the return addresses so I knew right away some of the cards I had received. I couldn't wait to open the packages.

So without further ado - let's get to some of the goods.

This post will focus on the Trevor Linden cards I received. No less than seven big boys to scratch of the list - and a couple of them have been on it for quite some time.

2003/04 Upper Deck
#432 UD Exclusive /50

I'm not wasting any time. I'm getting right to the good stuff. It was shortly after the holiday season when I decided to do some updating of both my wantlist as well as my database for who has what 1/1's.

I contacted the Linden collectors that I've known (and e-mail with) for quite some time to double check their lists, but I also threw out some e-mails to a couple of Linden collectors that I haven't touched base with for a couple years.

It was great to hear from them - and it made me appreciate the simple connection we have when it comes to our similar player collecting habits.

In one instance, I was not only able to get the 1/1 information I was looking for, but the opportunity to make a trade for some cards on my list came about. This was like icing on the cake.

This UD Exclusive /50 was just one of 5 cards I received in my end of the trade. An outstanding addition (as you just don't see these cards out and about anymore).

2003/04 Upper Deck
#432 Canadian Exclusive /50

What's better than one card from 2003? How about two. What made this transaction even more special was that a couple of cards were pulled from his personal collection to trade over to me. Something that I truly appreciate.

I never like to ask collectors to trade cards that are in a person's personal collection, but when he offered me the opportunity, I couldn't help but jump. I hope the cards he received in return more than compensate the kind gesture.

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders
#8 Draft Tandems Green /50

Another one in the list of 'cards that don't scan so good'. But make no mistake, this card is stunning in person. In pristine condition, this card has a flawless mirror-like surface.

Numbered to just 50, this card has been a tough one to track down (I balked at a couple copies when they were originally released). Really happy to land this one.

2010/11 Panini Playoff Contenders
#103 Playoff Tickets /100

What might seem as a simple parallel /100 is anything but.

Another in the 'bad scan' category, this card was yet another that wasn't on the original trade list, but rather pulled from the personal collection.

It turns this not overly rare card into one that in ultra unique.

Without question, one that will have a special place in the collection.

Now that's 4 out of the 5 I received in this trade. I'll leave the fifth 'til the end (because it gave me a good laugh when I though about its significance).

2011/12 Panini Limited
#9 Game Pucks Prime /5

I mentioned about a week ago that I had picked up this beauty off of ebay. Well, it arrived today. And boy does it ever look stunning.

Hard signed, nice big puck piece with a little bit of the Canucks logo, superb action shot. What more can you ask for.

2011/12 In The Game
Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition
Base /63

This was the fifth card in the big trade I was speaking of earlier. What makes it funny is that it's the most common card Trevor has in the product and yet it's the last card to come in.

That's right, I'm finished with UM11 (other than 1/1's). I never really thought I'd accomplish this goal so quickly (the product was released in mid-November).

10 different cards ranging in production numbers of 63 all the way down to just 9 copies. Add to that a couple of redemption cards and the ever popular 1/1's and this put to bed one of the most ostentatious product releases as it pertains to Trevor Linden ever.

Actually, there is one more card from that list that was still outstanding. Thankfully, the final bubble envelope of the day put that to an abrupt end.

2011/12 In The Game
Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition
Hot Patch /9

This card is hot - literally. Not in the 'I stole it' realm (although I picked it up for a nice low price). I mean that this card could only be found in UM11 'Hot Packs'.

I've seen 3 copies of this card prior to picking up mine and I wasn't sure I'd ever come across one. In addition to the Hot Patch cards being highly collectible, the UM11 product has just dried up considerably on the secondary market. Not much has been busted and put up for grabs.

Well, if you stuck with me throughout, I appreciate it. And I also need to give a shout out to James who was hugely responsible for the bulk of this post.

The few e-mails we ping-ponged back and forth recently gave me a chance to get to know him just a little better. He shares the same enjoyment, passion and camaraderie towards his collection as I do. And being able to share a little bit of that with one another really made this trade a special one.

It makes me appreciate all of the great collecting relationships I have developed over the years. It's without a question one of the most important aspects of the hobby to me these days.

It makes me proud of my collection and my hobby.


  1. nice looking cards.... I mean, he's no Subban, but then again, who is?

  2. Wow, great cards! Esp the puck and the hot patch! It's always nice to get some help from fellow collectors, that's what the hobby is all about! I've been trying to track down certain Peter Worrell cards since 2004 and some just haven't surfaced at all.

    Congrats on adding these to your Linden PC!

    1. Thanks. If you're interested fire me off your email address (I won't post it) and maybe I can help you out with your Worrell collection. I like to do some hunting and searching at shows and it's pretty quick pickings with my Lindens.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great Action shot on the Game Puck card.
    I like the way the stick bends under the strain of the slapshot.

    -Anonymous Paul-