Friday, March 2, 2012


They call it the 'junk wax' era. The early 90's. Overproduced and outta control. A lot of people (myself included) jumped on board and started picking up a lot of these inserts and sets.

You take a look at a lot of the cards from back in those days and they were an ugly bunch. Less than exciting card design, blurry photos, poorly framed shots, the list goes on and on.

But every so often, there's a card that finds a way to shine through. Finds a way to bust free of the millions and millions of card counterparts from that time period.

Finds a way to get the credit it deserves.

1992/93 Score
#350 Brett Hull

It a simple base card, from one of the lowest of low-end sets. Sure it's of a star player, but make no literally couldn't give away this card these days.

But the photo on the front not only gives it merit, it finds a way into my Cardboard Photography collection. Forever to be inserted into a binder sheet and stored for posterity.

What I love about this photo is that it is literally full of St. Louis Blues players. The framing of this shot is perfect. And unique for cards from that year.

You always would see a full body 'action' shot. Action meaning a glide to the left or a lean on the knees after a stoppage of play.

Look at the emotion on Hull's face.....and his teammates as well. The frozen action of sticks, gloves and helmets all blend together so well. You really couldn't get another card like this if you tried.

The jersey colors and numbers are really cool too. I love that you can see both the back of Hull's jersey while seeing the logo on another player's. Things like the CCM logo, the NHL shield, the glove brands and the wooden sticks.

Again, it's the small details all combined together that really take this photo from good to great.

This card definitely sticks out from its counterparts in the Score brand. And I for one am glad it does.

Good thing I found a copy of it.

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