Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Bruce Gamble

Time to show off another beauty from the infamous 71/72 hockey release.

You may remember this wonderful card (truly worthy of Bike Spokes immortality).

I don't know who was calling the shots that year, but some of the decision making was absolutely outstanding.  From glued on heads to terrible facial expressions to bad player re-sizing, this set has it all.

But the card I will be featuring this time has that "attention to laziness" I look for when wanting to throw something in the spokes.

1971/72 Topps
#104 Bruce Gamble

First of all, Bruce Gamble looks more like my uncle than a pro athlete.  Secondly, someone get this guy a bib!  He spilled something on his jersey.

It's pretty clear what was trying to be accomplished, but my question is - WHY?

Yes, Bruce played for the Maple Leafs the previous season.  Yes, he moved on to Philadelphia.  For whatever reason, they don't want to show his old logo.  For whatever reason, painting a Flyers jersey on him seemed like a worse idea than this debacle.

If you're going to 'remove' a logo, at least do it with a little, tiny bit of discreetness.  But no....a big blob of blue (dark blue) must go in its place.  It makes Gamble look like he plays on a beer league team.

What are they trying to hide?  Or do they actually think that the hockey card buying public is going to gloss over this?

Whatever the reason, it's not good enough to defend the hideous card front that is Bruce Gamble (sorry dude).

When doing nothing is your better option, you know that you're on the wrong track.

Bruce, for your terrible attire......




  1. All these awful cards that come out of this set make me actually like it more. It's do ridiculous its comical and dare I say it...this might just be my favorite vintage set.

    1. It's a popular set, no question.

      But I can only imagine how phenomenal this release would have been if they hit top notch pics on each card.

      The Dryden rookie is a perfect example.

      Out of the ballpark big time.

  2. lol What an awful mess. Nice post.

  3. The Ken Dryden rookie is pretty awesome. Perhaps it's time for a retro set modeled after this one with proper pictures of today current players?

    1. In 2001/02....they did.

      Topps released a set and the OPC parallels has a retro look identical to the 71/72 set.

      Just something about it was a miss for me. I think the big one was that they used a really glossy card stock.

      If you're going to go retro....go all the way.