Thursday, May 17, 2012


It was trade night at the local card store and I was really looking forward to the trip down there.  I knew there would be a big Linden card waiting for me.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that there was not just one Linden on standby......but two.

The shop owner mentioned to me that he had a food issue card from way back.  He said "You probably have this one, but here you go."  And he passed over this little gem.

1992 Humpty Dumpty
Series II (mini)

Literally.......a little gem.  It's about a quarter of the size of a regular card.  He was right, I did have a copy of it already.  The funny thing is, the copy I have is enclosed in the cello pack.  So if you're a real stickler (which I can be at times), I technically need this card.

So I'm proudly placing this in my Linden post.  And it sits nicely next to this bad boy.

2011/12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11
Superbox - Game Used Memorabilia and Auto 1/1

Oh baby.  This is one nice card.  And it's a redemption card made specifically for the 2012 Toronto Spring Expo.

I had put the notice out to a few people to keep an eye out for this card (and it's brother, the emblem piece) and to let me know if one or both are redeemed.

Sure enough, the Saturday of the Expo I get an e-mail from a fellow collector out there for the show saying that the Mem/Auto was pulled and that he gave the guy my e-mail.  He also said that if a deal was consummated that he would front the cash.  After a quick back and forth with the card owner, we came to a deal.  The card would be safe and sound and ready for me to pick up the next time I saw him.

I was pretty pumped when I saw the card in person for the first time.  Knowing that the only place to get the card was at the Spring Expo in Toronto, and to be able to land this 1/1 is really something special.

And it was only the start of what would be one of the most fun trade nights I've ever attended (I'll just say that Between The Pipes was very very good to me).  Stay tuned for my pickups.

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  1. Your linden collection is pretty awesome. If you ever have a chance I wouldn't mind seeing your top 9 in one scan to see how they look side by side. I'm not a big hockey collector but if i ever come across a linden i'll be sure to send it your way.