Sunday, August 26, 2012

30 in 30 - Oh Thank You Internets!

In my quest to come up with a list of 30 documentaries before my launch date (tentatively set for Oct. 1), I have scoured a number of different resources to ensure I actually have 30 films in hand to watch.

Obviously, the internet will play a huge role in accomplishing this goal.  Not only will I be able to track down where some of these movies live, with some, I'll be able to actually watch them online.

Here's a few that I'm adding because I know they have a place in the world wide web where I can go to watch.

First up, Sonicsgate: Requiem For A Team.

This film is about how the Sonics were torn away from Seattle in 2008 after 41 years in the NBA and were moved to Oklahoma and became the Thunder.  The film was created by Sonics fans in order to educate the public on what really happened.

It won a Webby Award for Best Sports Film in 2010.

Looks interesting.

Next up, a classic from the glory days (at least for me) of the NHL.  Never Say Die: The Story of the New York Islanders is just that.  The building and pinnacle of the Isles franchise.

It's an old doc, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

The Game Of Their Lives is a 2002 film about the 1966 World Cup and focuses on the North Korean team who were 1000:1 longshots and yet made the quarterfinals.  For this documentary, a BBC producer was given unprecedented access to North Korea.

I have a feeling this will be more than just a soccer story.

More Than A Game is a 2009 documentary film that follows NBA star LeBron James and four of his teammates through their high school years in Akron, Ohio.  I remember hearing about James before he went to the NBA and how his team's high school games were out-drawing a lot of college matches.

Not expecting it to be as good as Hoop Dreams, but should still be an interesting watch.

Fire In Babylon is a critically acclaimed film about the West Indies cricket team of the late 70's/early 80's in the turbulent era of apartheid in South Africa.  It's a sport I know little of and am excited to see this film.

With the 2012 London Olympics now in the books, there was a lot of talk about the 2012 "Dream Team" and comparisons to the 1992 "Dream Team".  The Dream Team is about that 1992 team.  One for the ages.

Finally, TT3D: Closer To The Edge is about The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the greatest motorcycle race in the world.  Here's the trailer.

OK, I'll bite.

Getting closer.

'30 in 30' - LIST OF MOVIES
1. Hoop Dreams
2. Murderball
3. The Endless Summer
4. Pumping Iron
5. Undefeated
6. Michael Jordan: To The Max
7. Bobby Fischer Against The World
8. Jim Brown: All American
9. Tyson
10. Knuckleball
11. Magic and Bird: A Courtship Of Rivals
12. Touching The Void
13. The Curious Case Of Curt Flood
14. The Last Gladiators

New additions.....
15. Sonicsgate: Requiem For A Team
16. Never Say Die: The Story of the New York Islanders
17. The Game Of Their Lives
18. More Than A Game
19. Fire In Babylon
20. The Dream Team
21. TT3D: Closer To The Edge

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