Saturday, August 25, 2012

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!! - Petr Nedved........AGAIN!

Poor Petr Nedved.  He's getting more hobby love for all the wrong reasons.

This is the third time he's appeared here on this blog and the first two times were not pretty.

1990/91 Pro Set Series II
#643 Petr Nedved

Granted, it is a Pro Set card, but man you've got some bad luck going when it comes to hockey cards Petr.

Is it some sort of 'mini-me' theme they tried?  You look like you're about 3 feet tall.  Add to that, I get more of the guys in the crowd than I do you.

Cropping must not have been a high priority when it came to card production back in the day.

And look at Nedved's face.  I'd be pretty ticked too if I had this kind of card.

Oh and by the way, all the cool guys tuck their shirts in the back.  Didn't you get the memo?  I guess not.  You were probably prancing around in your pyjamas.

I'm seriously considering changing the name of these posts to "The Petr Nedved Award".  He's definitely earned it.

Because you just won't go away...




  1. 90-91 Pro Set Cards look like the card designer got drunk the night before, woke up with a major hangover and realized, "Crap! I need to have those in TODAY!!!" They're ALL pretty bad looking.

    Nedved was the #2 overall draft selection by the Canucks in the 1990 NHL Draft. Here are the players they could have picked instead of Nedved:
    -Jaromir Jagr
    -Derian Hatcher
    -Keith Tkachuk
    -Martin Brodeur
    -Doug Weight
    -Slava Kozlov
    -Alexei Zhamnoz
    -Sergei Zubov
    -Robert Lang
    -Peter Bondra

    1. Indeed.

      A pretty stellar crop of talent. If only hindsight were worth something to the people drafting.

      I remember Trevor Kidd being the top goalie picked (ahead of Brodeur). Ouch.