Sunday, August 19, 2012

RAISE THE CUP - New, New And More New

Had a few nice successes over the past month.  Cards for a few different projects have found their way to me and it's giving me a nice boost of motivation as the new hockey card season is gearing up.

While there are still a few major releases left for the 2011/12 season, the first product of 2012/13 (O-Pee-Chee) came out this past week.  I opened a few packs so stay tuned for my thoughts.

But first, I thought I'd share some new Raise The Cup cards.  A couple were from trades, one was a nice gift and a couple were just sitting in the binder.

So let's go.

2005/06 Upper Deck The Cup
#41 Scotty Bowman /249

This base card of Scotty Bowman was picked up at a trade night at the start of the month.  I gave up a little more than I should have and now that I think about it I would have been better to walk away from the transaction.

I was pretty frustrated by the guy who I dealt with as he kept playing the "my cards are gold, your cards are crap" game.  Some of his dollar figures just downright insulted me.  He should be happy he got what he got.

Moving on.

2011/12 Panini Contenders
Contenders Legacies
#151 Steve Yzerman /999

This card was included in a package that had a couple Linden cards coming my way.  It was a nice surprise as I didn't even know he had the card.

Both the Yzerman and the Bowman cards cut the Stanley Cup in half.  Terrible cropping if you ask me.  Why couldn't they just include the whole photo?

1997/98 Score
#228 Vladimir Konstantinov

This card might be one of the nicest all-time Raise The Cup cards.  The expression on Vlad's face, the entire photo is included and his teammates are all behind him.

Truly a cherished moment in time.

Love it!

1991/92 Score
#315 Mario Lemieux

A trifecta of Lemieux cards to finish off the show & tell today.

This one is a great looking photo that is enhanced by a nice soft glow filter on the pic.  You can see it in the white of the Penguins logo and around the edge of the Cup.

A nice card from 20 years ago.

1991/92 Pro Set
#318 Mario Lemieux

Another nice card for different reasons.  This one is cluttered with just the one logo in the top left corner.  It also has a little more action in the shot.

Who can tell me the name of the assistant captain?

1991/92 Upper Deck
#436 Mario Lemieux

This last card is not quite as nice.  The shadow over Mario's face and the fact that the card is focusing on his playoff MVP win as opposed to his Cup win makes this third in the Lemieux race today.

Rare since it's an Upper Deck card and they normally lead the charge.

Anyways, it's a nice bunch and I'm happy to add them to the binder.

Current Collection - 89 cards


  1. Bob Errey--TV color analyst for the Pittsburgh Penguins

  2. Could the assistant captain be Bob Errey? Just a guess. My younger brother is the Penguins fan.

  3. IIRC the assistant captain in that pic is Bob Errey

  4. the assistant captain is the immortal Bob Errey.

    did I give you that Score Lemieux??? If not, it's still in my darn trade box.....

  5. Off the top of my head, I'm going to guess Bob Errey. But, that's just a guess. No googling!

  6. I think the Penguins' assistant captain in the first Lemieux card is Bob Errey.