Friday, August 24, 2012


This past week has been vacation week for me.  Work gives us a small windows for time off during the summer and so August becomes a bit of a quiet work environment.  Nice and relaxing.

Even more relaxing was the week-long golf trip I took to British Columbia. That is if you call a 3-night, 4-day trip to BC playing 6 rounds of golf relaxing.  My brother-in-law, a couple high school buddies and myself did nothing but drive, golf, sleep and maybe had one or two beverages in between.  And I loved it.  I look forward to this trip every year (this was our seventh) and it didn't disappoint.

I'm fourth on the depth chart when it comes to our golf game, but I hold my own.  I'm pretty competitive and I like that it's a challenge to try and beat the other guys.  Well, the last round of the trip was the first time I finished a round on top.  It was a pretty cool feeling.  A great way to end the week.

But now it's back to work on Monday and back to some blogging.  There's a bit of a backlog with some stuff I want to show off so I'll try to do my best to get caught up.

This item was a nice surprise in the mailbox.  One that I actually had no clue was in my possession.

1998/99 Panini
Photocard (large)

This card came from Brad over at Cards From The Crease.  He saw it and thought I might like it (which I do).  I had no idea he was mailing it off as it was a generous gift from him.

He e-mailed me a little while back asking if I received it.  I thought he meant another shipment that arrived a couple months ago.  He indicated that he sent off an envelope and that I should have received it by now.

I did a little rummaging and sure enough I found it.  It was tucked in between some flyers in my recycling bin.  Thankfully he mentioned it to me or it would have been forever lost in the world of the recycled.

This card is the size of a postcard and was a unique product from Panini back at a time when my Linden collecting had taken a completely different look (Linden as an Islander was weird to see at the time).

I liked this set as it had some neat photos.  It's a shame that odd-sized cards just don't get the same hobby love as their 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 counterparts.

Thanks very much for the gift Brad.  I really appreciate it.  While I do have a copy already, I will continue my trend of replacing the one in my collection with the one you sent.

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