Sunday, September 23, 2012

TO THE BIKE SPOKES!!! - Gary Bromley

Saw this card staring up at me from the dollar binder at the last card show.  Had to pick it up so I could share my disgust for it with you.

There's been a recent surge in vintage cards within the hobby.  Vintage designs, vintage players, vintage equipment.  And I'm first in the line of guys who love it.

But vintage does not always mean cool.  It should - but there are times when stuff from the 70's are, well ...........lame.

Here's one example.

2011/12 Panini Certified
Throwback Threads
#6 Gary Bromley

Now I shouldn't have to explain it, but I will (because I'm terribly disgusted by it).

Panini, you guys used the wrong photo for this card.  Period.

If I wanted to see some Glen Hanlon helmet action, I would just sign up for his fan club.

 He's got quite the lid.  Retro - yes.  Vintage - yes.  Cool - NO!

Go back to that card for a minute.  See that photo faintly in the background.  That's the photo (or one like it) to be used.  One showcasing his wicked mask.

Look at that.  Everything about this photo reeks of awesome.  The jersey, the pads, the blocker, even the dude in the crowd and of course - the mask.

What the reasoning could be for using the "lame" photo is beyond me.  All I know is - it's a bad card, I don't like it and I'm here to share that feeling with you all.

There....I feel better.

Actually, just a second.

Now I feel better.  See how cool this card looks.

For the record.  Simmons, cool.  Bromley, not cool.

Panini - bad.  Let's try to maximize what's so intriguing and special about the 70's.  And let's try not to nail up wood panel walls and lay down shag carpet.  She's not so good.

I'm calling this look "The Bromley".

Panini, for dropping the ball on what could have been a fantastic card (and for making me relive some of the nasty times as a kid)......




  1. I'm glad you decided to get that card.... now send it off for an auto.

    1. Ouch. I don't know if I can go that far.

      Maybe I'll make my own - a better one, a proper one an fire it off to him. day.

  2. All that last photo needs is a pile of vintage Star Wars action figures scattered on it :)

    Also, I received the Chelios card you sent me. Thank you--it is definitely one I did not have.

    1. I kid you not, there was a photo I found with Star Wars figures on the floor. Hilarious.

      Great to hear you for the card. Even better that it's one you need.


  3. I love vintage card, the simple look and design brings me back to my childhood days of collecting. Street hockey on cold dark afternoons and than HNIC while eating moms supper from the oven where it was kept warm since I missed supper lol. Every Sat night the cards would come out and I would pick out players from the 2 teams playing....good times.

    I do agree, not every retro set is good but some are just beautiful. I love the 2012 OPC, I think UD hit it out of the par on that set.

    AKA Newfiecomicguy1