Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RAISE THE CUP - Another Contender

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a deal.  If I see a loonie box or quarter box, I'll rummage.  Especially if I haven't seen it before.  I'm always amazed at what some people will toss in these bargain bins.

I guess looking at it from their perspective, they just want to get rid of (what to them is) dead weight.  Cards that have just hit their peak of popularity and are now wasted space.

I get it.

And I'm all for it.  Put your sale signs up.  I'll be watching.

Case in point, the newest addition to my Raise The Cup project.

2011/12 Panini Contenders
Contenders Legacies
#156 Brendan Shanahan  /999

Nothing spectacular.  It's not a super-rare card (boy are there a few nice ones that would fit well into this pc) and the photo is cropped ever so nicely (note the sarcasm).

Panini decided to do this to all the cards in this set.  I really should get a hold of them and show them how it's done.

This is another one of those cards that are slow to come my way.  I pick them up as I find them....I don't go looking too hard for them.

But when they are in the discount box - I've got my eyes peeled.

Current Collection - 91 cards

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