Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LINDEN CARD OF THE WEEK - Revisiting An Old Friend

I mentioned last week that I had received a couple of nice gifts in the mail recently.  In addition to Paul's generous contribution of Raise The Cup cards (and some nice Linden cards too), I was thrilled to see this card poke it's head out of a bubble mailer as well.

1995/96 Upper Deck
Post Cereals
#14 (in wrapper)

Now for those of you uber-diehards to my blog, you might recognize this as my first ever Linden Card Of The Week.  This is one of my all-time favourite Trevor Linden cards - hands down.

It was given to me by Ameet over at Hat Tricks & Home Runs.  He was hoping I needed it.  And while I do have a copy in my collection, I didn't have one that was still in its wrapper.  Very cool.

Now I don't actively pursue Linden cards still in their wrapper, but when I come across one (for the right price) I will happily pick it up.  In fact, I should dig them out.  They would make for a fun blog post sometime.

Thanks very much for the card!  It'll sit proudly in the collection.

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  1. Hey man, No problemo! It came in a bulk lot I purchased a few months back. As soon as I saw the Linden and it was still in the package, I thought it deserved to be sent to a good home. I am glad you enjoyed it and it is just luck that it happened to be your favorite card. WOOT!

    Good people need good cards! LOL..