Friday, November 16, 2012

TRADEBAIT - Joe Sakic Auto/Patch

Do you guys use Photobucket?  I do.  I also use a pretty old Mac computer that is in need (big need) of an operating system upgrade.  I'm lazy like that.

I'm noticing a little lag in certain webpages and others - won't load anymore.  Photobucket being one of those pages.  Ever since they did the ol' upgrade to their look I've bee struggling to be friends with it.  I think I might need to spend a little Christmas money into upgrading the computer.  She's been a very reliable tower....and definitely deserves the once over.

Anyways, I thought I'd post a card here on my blog since it may be a part of an upcoming trade.  A little show & tell bonus for all of you.

2011/12 Panini Contenders
Contenders Legacies
#155 Joe Sakic  /100

I picked up this nice hard-signed auto/two-colored patch at a recent trade night.  I felt like moving some stuff out just for the sake of bringing in some new blood to the trade box.

With Superlative III recently released there has been a huge flood of Linden cards hitting the market (and a slight price drop I might happily announce....although I'm sure it will only be temporary) I'm on the hunt for some new pickups.

This Sakic might be a piece in the puzzle towards one of those cards.  I hope so since I much prefer trading for cards to go in my collection as opposed to always buying.

And speaking of Linden Superlative cards....stay tuned.  I just received my first one in the mailbox and it's a nice one.  I'm thinking a nice Friday mailday is in order later this afternoon.

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