Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LINDEN CARD FO THE WEEK - Forever Rivals Patch

It's been a busy week for me.  Holidays start after tomorrow and I can't wait.  We've got all of our projects done and off the plate that we needed to at work and all that's left is our annual pond hockey game, a couple beers and maybe a movie or something before we part ways for almost a month.

It's also been a long week.  Especially when it comes to this hobby I love.

I'm still bitterly disappointed about the damage sustained to one of (what would have been) my prized possessions to the Linden collection.  The more I've thought about it over the last week, the more frustrated I've become.

I have been in contact with the seller as well as UPS and I am confident that I'm not going to get screwed over when it comes to getting my money back.  Sadly, I am not sure what will become of the card.  Hopefully the issue will be resolved over the next few weeks and I can just move on from it.

On the upside, I was happy to see another big card show up in the mailbox today.

NOTE.....properly packaged, not an ounce of concern.  Just as it should be.

2012/13 In The Game Forever Rivals
Game Used Patch
#M-41 Silver version (limited to just 3 copies)

This is a very strong 3-color patch from Trev's Montreal jersey.  When it first hit ebay a month or so ago, it had a very hefty price tag.  One that made me not even consider making a deal for.

But there were a few things that happened over that time that changed my mind.

I knew the first copy of this card went to another Linden collector for a fair price.  The second popped up and (I think everybody was sleeping that day) went for a ridiculously low price.  I'm talkin' "Steal of the Year" low.

That left just one copy to chase.  The one you see above.  That changed things quite a bit.  If I was ever going to own the card, I'd have to go through this seller.  He had lowered his price, but not nearly enough to make me pull the trigger.

I finally decided to put in an offer.  He countered with something in the same ballpark.  I put in my final offer along with a note saying that my offer would be the highest I'd go and that I thought it was a very fair price (in fact, I think I overpaid by about $20).  He accepted.

It was like winning a 1/1 card.  And upon seeing it in person for the first time, it has the same 'wow factor' as a one-of-a-kind item.

I've got a few more items coming in over the next few weeks.  I'm looking forward to adding them to my collection.

Oh, and by the way.....I've made the executive decision.  All my Superlative III cards will be coming out of the cases and put in one-touch holders.  Those flimsy toploaders are just a bad reminder.

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