Friday, December 7, 2012

PACK RIPPING - 2012/13 Panini Classics

Well, after voicing my displeasure with the banner card inserts in Panini's new 'Classics' product, I found myself looking at a shelf full of the stuff at the local card shop's trading night.

The shop had already busted a box so I took a look at the goods.  It was a little thin in my eyes.

Six packs per box.  Five cards per pack.  That's 30 cards total.  Yes, there is an autograph in every pack so that's six signatures (better than what one would pull in some other boxes of cards) and there is a banner card in every pack (not sure if that's a plus).  But sifting through the 30 cards and thinking "Man that's not many cards for the price".

$33 bucks a pack.  $185 a box.

About $10 bucks a pack more than I would have liked to see.  Especially since we are talking about players not named Crosby, Nugent-Hopkins, Stamkos and Ovechkin.

I knew pretty quick that a box of the stuff wouldn't be coming home with me.......but that didn't stop me from trying my hand at a pack.

Yes.  I caved - again.

2012/13 Panini Classics
(1 pack)

On a side note.....I really like the wrapper to this product.  A definite old-time feel.  The design is nice and the colors make me want to take a pottery class.

Here's what the base cards look like.  Nothing spectacular but it's supposed to be simple.....classic.  I think a bit more effort in really making the various components work together as opposed to having a number of different 'looks' would have helped.

There are elements that I like, but more misses than hits.

Ken Morrow.  Not the first guy on the list of "I hope I get this guy in my pack".  And a 'ho-hum' photo as well.

The card back on its own has a nice vibe to it.  70's WHA-feel (especially the name at the top).  Two big has next to no flow from the front of the card.  It's like a different product entirely.

Wasted space.  The words "player statistics" and "defense" just blare out with "why am I here?".  Also, some real estate at the bottom of the card gets ignored.  Better housekeeping would have made this card back one of my faves - ever - from Panini.

Here are my whopping two other base cards.  Terrible PWM (plain white mask) on the Fuhr.  Horrible photo selection if you ask me.

On to the inserts.  Don't worry, it won't take long.

I'll be brief....because I don't like these cards.

Luc Robitaille Retired Banner card.  The scuffs on the die-cut card is done on purpose.  Why?  I don't know.  I guess it's because it's supposed to be old?  Big miss.

Will gladly trade for a Linden.

Johnny Bower auto.  I guess it could have been worse (like Ken Morrow or Rick Tocchet) but Johnny missed the mark - literally.

There's a faded space at the bottom of the photo (looks a little white) where the signature should go.  This just looks like Bower squeezed in his sig.  Again, not the worst, but definitely not enough to recoup the cost of my box.

Then again....I can't say that for too many products I've purchased this year.

I think I'll stick with buying singles of my guy.

Will gladly trade for a Linden.

I will say that with the unique checklist of players and the hard-signed autographs, the auto set would be a fun build.  Not as pricey as Parkhurst (and not as nice) but a solid chase (that is if you're buying singles in the secondary market).  I could easily see these cards hitting the discount bin post haste.  Beware though....there are short prints and super short prints of some of the bigger names.  But if you are looking to land a Nick Kypreos or Bruce Shoebottom sig, you'll be in luck.


  1. I'm with you in that some aspects of the cards hit and some miss. Overall, for Panini, it is a decent product. Solid even, but the bar is SO LOW for them, that anything not involving foil board and crazy parallels is a step up.

    I love the checklist and there are definitely some fun names on there that I might want to pick up (I'm looking at you Anders Hedberg and Craig Berube). I'm also sort of loving the looks of the insert sets like Notable Nicknames, the Expansion set, and the Originals set.

    The fact that everything is hard signed is great and I'm happy to see Panini ditch the stickers for once; nothing screams classic like sticker autos.

    $30+/pack is too rich for my blood, but I'll definitely be picking up some singles and possible upgrades of HOF autos.

  2. That's funny. Someone could make a whole collection of cards signed in the wrong place. Looks like Johnny meant well. He's 88 years old BTW.

  3. I did you one worse. I caved and box a box online. It' hasn't arrived and I am already having buyer remorse. Would love to do the base set. I just hope the price comes down and the base become cheap.

    1. Hey, you never know what might happen. You could pull a huge hit and any remorse will be gone in an instant.

      I don't mind the's more the price point that bothers me.

      Dibs on Linden!!! I got three base cards to trade.