Friday, January 4, 2013

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Some Holiday Mail

Well, after spending literally hours on the phone with UPS, Paypal and eBay today, I can say that two of the three "card issues" I have been dealing with over the past month and a bit are finally over.  I have received a full refund and in my eyes, the transactions are over.

Sadly, the one that remains is the big one.  I can respect that with the holiday season upon us, people aren't as gung-ho or available to deal with these issues - I get that.  But a little communication can lead to far fewer headaches.  Currently, the seller and I are just trying to get on the same page.  Really, there should be no hurdles to jump over.  UPS has seen the damaged card, assessed and admitted it is damaged and has said they will reimburse the seller the money.  Once that refund occurs, the seller can refund me.  Why the delay?  I'm trying to figure that one out myself.

Hopefully I will have some good news regarding this over the next week or so.

On to better things.  Namely.......Linden cards.

The past couple weeks have brought in a few bubble envelopes with a nice variety of Linden goodies for the collection.  It's neat to get cards from a few different sets at the same time rather than a bunch from just the most recent release.  That can gives cards a little less "wow".

Here, you'll see a bunch of different looks.....much more fun.

2012/13 In The Game Superlative III
Game-Used Jersey
#GUJ-30 Silver Version (limited to 30 copies)

I'm really happy with this pickup for the big reason that I was patient to get a copy.  The silver version of this card is more common (yes....even at only 30 copies) and many of the offerings I had seen were only single color jersey pieces.

This card has a nice two-color swatch and it's a fair sized piece to boot.  What's better is that I got this one for less than what many of the single colored versions had sold for.  Patience pays off.

2012/13 In The Game Superlative III
Auto & Jersey 
#AJ-TL Gold Version (numbered 5 of 10)

Numbered to only 10 copies, I had already seen a handful go to other Linden collectors.  Worried that I might have "missed the boat" on this one, I was happy to see this copy show up in a traditional auction setting on eBay.  You see, a lot of cards sold online these days have fixed prices.  That can be a good thing at times, but can also be bad if you are looking for a steal of a deal.

With the other Linden collectors staying away from this card, I was able to land it for a very respectable price.  It looks just like it's silver counterpart other than the "Auto & Jersey" text in the top's in gold foil.


2011/12 Upper Deck The Cup
Base Jersey
#86 Silver Version /25

I'm not a big fan of plain white swatches, but when it comes to expensive Cup cards limited to just 25 copies.....I'll take what I can get.

The white jersey piece actually worked in my favor as the ending price was a little lower than its non-white counterparts.

That works for me.  I'm trying to pick up cards from the Cup product as cheaply as possible.  So far, so good.  That said, I don't have too many in the arsenal.

2011/12 In The Game Heroes & Prospects
Heroes Memorabilia
#HM-10 Gold Version (limited to 10 copies)

This is a card that I am thrilled to cross off the list.

Back in May, I picked up a copy of this card for a sweet price.  Sadly, unbeknownst to both myself and the seller, the card was damaged on the back.  Thankfully the seller worked with me to rectify the situation.  It was tough to send it back as I wasn't sure if I'd see another copy.

I was pleasantly surprised when this beaut showed up a few weeks ago.  I bid big because I didn't know if this would be the last one to see or not.  I won it for a very similar price as the other one.

It's now in with the others.  Happy to come to a great conclusion on this one.

2012/13 In The Game Forever Rivals
Forever Rivals Redemption Quad Jersey
#FEFR-40 Gold Version w/ Domi, Tucker & Corson (1/1)

Last but definitely not least is this great looking quad jersey piece from Forever Rivals.  Actually, it's from the redemption program In The Game had going on during the Toronto Fall Expo back in November.

In this redemption program there were dual jersey cards, quads and six piece cards.  Silver versions limited to just 19 copies have been somewhat available but the asking price is a little high on some but this is the first of the gold versions I've seen.

The way to obtain one of the cards at the expo, you had to open ITG product  at their expo location.  Not sure how many of these redemption cards made it out to the public, but these 1/1's  might be tough to come by.

The price was a little higher than I was hoping, but with a one-of-a-kind item it's tough to figure out where to draw the line.  I bit the bullet, hit the "Buy It Now" button and when I opened the envelope today I was completely happy.

I've got a few more cards on their way and I've learned of a couple big products sure to include Lindens so stay tuned.  It should be a really fun year.


  1. Sorry if you've told us before, but how many Linden cards are in your collection? How many memorabilia? How many autos?

    1. Well, this past year I hit the 1000 card mark. A thousand different Linden cards. That's base cards, parallels, inserts, autos, memorabilia and a few oddball.

      As for memorabilia cards...probably around 100 or so. He didn't have too many jersey cards when that concept was introduced in 1997. I think it was 2001 before he had a jersey piece.

      Autos....I'd guess 100-150. Of course my favorites are the hard signed jobs. Sticker autos are ok, but pale in comparison.

      There are also a few dozen oddball items in the collection that have never really been documented properly. Posters, pucks, shirts, cups, you name it.

      If it has his name on it, I'm interested in learning more about it. And if the price is right....I'll bite.