Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BEHIND THE MASK - A Few Recent Pickups

More cards to show off from the this past week.  These of the masked variety.  And these cards definitely scream "variety".

I have a fair-sized wantlist of goalie mask cards that I passively search for off and on.  It's not too often that I find a card I need (I only check out boxes and such at local shows/stores...not really pursuing the ebay thing with these).  So it's definitely a bonus when I come across a card that can be crossed off the list.

2011/12 Pinnacle
Saving Face
#6 Corey Crawford

I really liked this set when it first came out.  These super shiny cards looked pretty neat in person (they scan terribly).  But it seems that the checklist is only partial.  The info as to what exists and what does not is hard to figure out.

I currently have 5 more on the list, but I have no clue if they all exist or not.

2011/12 ITG Between The Pipes
Masked Men Memorabilia
#MMM-12 Rick DiPietro

I can't remember the last time I purposefully picked up a DiPietro card but when I saw this one I knew I wanted it.  Thankfully the guy who had it didn't know much about it and therefore wasn't too attached to it.

A quick trade for a card from the same release and of the same rarity (just 10 copies) made this a pretty fair trade if I do say so myself.

This goes nicely with the Cam Ward from the same set.  Doubtful that I'll chase the entire run, but you never know.

2002/03 UD Artistic Impressions
Artist's Touch Jersey
#AT-FP Felix Potvin  /499

I wasn't planning on snagging this card last week at the local trade night, but when the owner of the card inquired about a card I had, I took a look at his traders and was drawn to this piece.

I have the complete run of non-memorabilia cards from this set.  It's a set of well-done drawings with some nice detail and very convincing facial features.

Now, this card wasn't enough to make the deal happen and we both knew it.  I kept looking at his traders and found this card to even the deal.

A hard-signed Henrik Sedin auto from a decade ago.....yeah, that'll do.

Definitely finishes off the eclectic mix of cards in this post.

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