Tuesday, February 5, 2013

STASHED IN THE CLOSET - Rookie Card Puzzle

There are times when I walk into a card shop or go to a card show and see an item that although it has no real place in my collection - is a must have.

I've picked up oddball items over the years and I think the common theme is the universal nature of the hobby.  The bigger picture.  I like groupings.  The team photo so to speak.

Case in point is this one of a kind poster celebrating one of the great baseball stories of all time - Casey at the Bat.  Of course what really drew me into the poster was that the story was told through the creation of custom cards.  It really is a cool looking piece.

The most recent item I picked up has that kind of flavor to it.

This baseball rookie card puzzle is something I've never seen before.  At 550 pieces, it's not your ordinary kids puzzle and the players and cards involved are the cream of the crop when it comes to the hobby rc.

I first noticed it when another hobbyist decided to pick it up at a trade night a few months ago.  I was immediately jealous that he snagged it.  Not long after though I realized that the store had a couple more in stock.

The price was right and I thought "Why not".

Hey....George Brett rookie card.  Nice!

When I got home I immediately started searching for a hockey counterpart.  No such luck though.  That's a bummer because I would totally buy one of those.

Tony Gwynn....Another fave from my youth

Part of me is contemplating taking a high quality photo of my Linden collection and having it done up as a puzzle.  There are a lot of places that do custom puzzles.  I don't know how the copyright issues work though.

But boy would that ever be a neat item.

Mickey Mantle....Sweet

Of course until then I will have this baseball challenge to deal with.  That is if I ever decide to open the plastic and actually crack the box.

See, I'm the kind of guy that will keep the toy in the wrapper.  I've got all my Linden McFarlane figures in their original box (except for a duplicate Linden that is free from the casing).  I just can't get beyond it's original state.

Ozzie....Love "The Wizard"

And I have no problem with that.  I think it stems from a Linden puzzle I bought years ago.  It was used so it didn't have any wrapping.  I decided after a while that I'd build the puzzle.  Wouldn't you know it...it was short one piece.

Now if I don't open the box at all, I'll never know if there's a missing tile.

I can enjoy it as it was meant to be.  In the box.


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