Saturday, March 16, 2013

RATE MY MASK - Thomas Greiss

I was doing a little interwebs surfing yesterday and came across a great album of pics on Fox Sports showcasing masks worn in the 2013 season.  That, plus a subsequent discussion on the hobby boards I belong to, inspired me to whip up another Rate My Mask card.

I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys about the masks you've been seeing this year so far.  Designs, innovations, themes.... likes and dislikes.

For me, the masks this year are more diverse than ever.  Some really cool intricate designs (much like the work of the past decade or so) but also a bit of a throwback to some simpler looks.

Guys like Anders Lindback, Carey Price, Chris Mason, James Reimer, Ben Scrivens and Al Montoya are coming out with masks that have a bolder and in some ways simpler design.  And I like that.

But then a mask like the one below comes along and really switches things up.

This Thomas Greiss mask is scary - for real!  If you don't believe me, find a high-res pic of one on the internet, open it up and zoom into it.  Wow.

The detail in this Yeti's face and hair is really impressive and the eyes and teeth are truly menacing.

I also like the silver scripting of Greiss' name on the chin.  Not too bold and eye catching, but crisp and impressive.

Greiss has been wearing this mask for 3 seasons now and while he's solidified the backup role in San Jose, we are limited to the amount we get to see the great lid.

For those who were curious, the left side of the mask isn't as exciting.

There's not much in terms of info (or pics other than of the Yeti's face).  But I can only imagine what somebody might think when they get a close up look of this mask.

This photo popped up recently and it ramps the scariness up even more.  I can't say for sure if Thomas has worn it in a game (or if the NHL would even allow it) but man is this thing impressive.

3.5 out of 5

Now it's your turn to Rate My Mask!
(and also give me your thoughts on the 2013 crop of masks in general)


  1. I'll give him a 3/5 just because. Someone needs to do a mask like that, but featuring a clown.

    But we've talked about it before... I like the simple masks. I'm a little tired of masks that look like an Iron Maiden album cover from teh 80's.

    1. So I take it you're not a fan of Chris Mason's new mask.

      Fair enough.

      I do enjoy seeing some guys bring back a little simplicity to the game. Somebody needs to go complete old school a la Ken Dryden or Mike Palmateer.

  2. To me, the updated one is over the top. But, like the others, I'm getting burned out on all of the grotesque monsters, ghouls, sharks, etc.

    Still, I appreciate the artistic craftsmanship and artistic talent that goes into the mask. I think your 3.5/5 is dead-on.