Sunday, July 21, 2013

PACK RIPPING - 2013/14 Trilogy

My trips to the local card store for monthly trade nights always bring a good time and occasionally the odd card or two.  My participation in various pack wars during the 2013 year have dwindled a bit, mostly due to the influx of Linden cards to the wantlist along with the need to be a little more responsible with my hobby funds.

But that doesn't mean I'm never in on some new product....especially those with my guy in it.

This year's Upper Deck Trilogy release has Trev in spades.  Still not sure if that's a good thing or not.  A chase of 4-7 cards is nice.  A chase of 13-16 cards...not so much.  I don't have the final numbers for my pc, but I think it'll be in the 8 or 9 card range.

Last week it wasn't pack wars that created the was a full on group break.  Teams were chosen randomly out of a hat for everyone and I had two picks.  First up, I pulled out the Canucks logo - YES!!!  Second - Pittsburgh.  Quite honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better pair.

And the choices didn't disappoint.

I received a few base cards.  This Lemieux being the best of the bunch.  Nothing amazing, but hey - we got to keep the base cards.  Can't complain there.

The big Vancouver pull was this nice triple jersey card.  An interesting trio of Canucks and the three different color jersey makes this card even more appealing.

I don't know too much about Jordan Schroeder but they must have high hopes for him if they decide to put up alongside Bure and D. Sedin.

That would have been a nice enough hit to end with (most guys received just base cards from the break), but I was in the running for one more card.

A Pittsburgh, Detroit, Winnipeg triple jersey was "randomed" between the three of us with those teams.  Randomed meaning that our names would be put into a randomizer and after a predetermined number of shuffles the guy on top of the list wins the card.

I was the lucky winner.

Thank you Tomas Vokoun.

This is a nice triple jersey card.  And while it looks as if the jerseys may be from international competition, it says on the back of the card that the jerseys were used in NHL competition.  The red and blue works for me though.

What I find odd though is the slight difference in design between the two triple jersey cards.  Why wouldn't Upper Deck keep a consistent layout?  The cards are clearly the same in terms of basic design (after all, they're both called "Star Spotlight"), but why is the Trilogy logo in different spots?

My design preference is on the Canucks triple.

A decent return on my pack ripping participation, and always a fun time.


  1. I pulled the Linden base card out of my box, along with Ryan Kesler and Markus Naslund. E-mail me at matt-Pederson(AT)hotmail(DOT)com if you want them and I'll send them off to you.

  2. Congratulations! Once upon a time, I joined group breaks... but stopped after consistently being the guy walking away with base.

  3. Two sweet cards. I don't mind the variation in design. Using the Czech Republic flag as the background of the National Trios card is a nice touch. Vokoun's red come have come from his days with the Panthers or Capitals.

  4. Congrats, you did alright for yourself.