Friday, August 9, 2013

OUTSIDE THE BOX - Elvis Has Entered The Building

It's a quick, late-night post tonight.  I was late getting home from one of the monthly trader nights this evening and I managed to pick up some new goodies.  Some good, some bad, some ugly.

And yes.....I bought a box of 2013/14 OPC.  I'll give you a little preview.


Nuff said.

But before I go scanning all those beauties in, I figured I would get caught up from last month's offerings.  Well, at least one card to represent the proceedings.  It's a nice card that I think is deserving of its own post.

I like to dabble in non-sports cards every once in a while.  Be it comic book cards, movies, pop culture or music.  There's something about the overall aura that I'm just drawn to.

Thankfully it's not a strong pull and I can usually go a while before mild outbursts.

But when I had the chance to trade for this card, I quickly grabbed the reins.

2007 Press Pass Authentics
Rock 'n Roll Relics
#RR-SJ Elvis Presley smoking jacket

C'mon!  It was a no brainer.  It's ELVIS!!!!  The King!!!  It's red and velvety and,'s Elvis.

I love the look of this card, I love the photo (not the bloated, knocking on death's door Elvis) and the memorabilia piece is the icing on the cake.

No clue how much a card like this goes for and quite frankly I could care less.  It's one that I think will stay in the collection for a while.  I might even bring it in to work.  One of my co-workers is a huge Elvis fan.  He also loves bugging me (in a fun way) about my collecting habits.  I'm thinking he'll get a kick out of this card.

It's not everyday one can say the own a piece of the king.

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