Friday, September 13, 2013


Not too many Linden cards making their way in lately.  Partially due to work, a golf trip and just overall summer distractions.  But partially due to a bit of a funk over the overwhelming mountain that has become Decades 90s.

Two cards made it to my doorstep this week.  The last two on the "incoming" list.  As of right now I have zero Linden cards on order.  One is from the massively strong Cup set (which I am almost don...except 1/1's) and the equally large Decades 90s (I guess there's no better time to start than the present).

Two big ones off the list to officially start the fall collecting season (the first local card show ramps up tomorrow.....and I'm passing on golf so I can go.  I'm golfing Sunday in case anyone was worried).

2011/12 Upper Deck The Cup
#CF-TL Cup Foundations  /10

I had seen a few copies appear on ebay...all with nice 3-4 color pieces covering each window.  This copy doesn't quite have the 'wow factor' as some of those, but the price was right.

It had been up for offering a few months back and I put in what I felt was a fair offer.  It was rejected at the time and I really couldn't blame the seller.  There was a decent chance he could get a little more for it. didn't sell.  He put it up for grabs again and instead of making an offer, I decided to just keep an eye on it.

Weeks passed and I finally thought now's the time to bid.  I made the exact same offer as I did months back and sure enough it was accepted.

The seller said he wanted to see the card go to a diehard Linden collector.  I think he just realized that my price was the most he was going to get.  Either way, it's a nice one to scratch off the list.

That leaves me with just one more non-1/1 from The Cup remaining on my list.  The Cup Foundations quad patch/auto.  Same as above, but with a hard-signed signature.  Numbered to just 5, it'll be the tallest task (I've already seen 2 or 3 of them go to good homes).

2013/14 In The Game Decades 90s
#M-44 Game-Used Jersey Gold

And here's the first of what surely will be many Decades 90s card to hit the collection.  And quite frankly - what a way to start.

This gold parallel is limited to just 10 copies.  It had a nice BIN price when I saw it last week, but decided to throw a best offer on it anyways.  A little bartering never hurts and in the end we agreed on a price that I was pretty happy with (considering I've seen a couple other copies go for more in the days since).

Currewntly there are a number of other Decades 90s cards on the market.  Some common and some pretty rare.  But I'm not biting on any of them.  I think I'll wait for the show tomorrow to gauge the availability of these pieces locally and then slowly.....SLOWLY knock 'em off the list.

It's not a race.

And to all of you....a happy collecting season.  May you knock off some toughies this year.

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