Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PACK RIPPING - 2013/14 Panini Prizm

I'm finally cleaning off my desk!  There....I've said it.

I've got paperwork and cards strewn all over my desk - some dating back a number of months.  So tonight I spent some time putting cards away (and I did some scanning at the same time).

I noticed a common theme with a lot of the cards.  Pack ripping.

That.....and caving.  Bordering on regret and buyer's remorse.

But I so enjoy ripping wrappers.  And a little bit every once in a while is ok.  As long as I get good stuff inside.

SPOILER: This is not one of those instances.

I was eyeballing some packs of Prizm on the shelf last month at trade night.  The shiny silver wrappers got the best of me and I bought five packs.

After hitting a bunch of blanks....I bought a couple more.

I put a stop to things right after that.  Ugh.

On with the show!!!

2013/14 Panini Prizm
(7 packs)

This is a nice product if you like shiny sets.  It's got a look and feel of the ol' Topps Finest products from the mid-90's.

How sad that I can't even remember how much packs cost...but I do know that it's not a low-end product.

There's a 300-card base set to chase with 100 of them rookie cards.  There are also colored parallel cards (with limited print runs), some die-cut goodies and autos...albeit stickers.  No memorabilia.

It's a nice design.  Nothing over the top (I think the shiny silver does enough of that).  Basic 3/4 body shots with not much action in the photography.

Minimal card design elements with aggressive font styles.  A thick card stock and that's that.

Player selection is ok.  Stamkos and Landeskog were my best base cards pulled.

I mentioned rookie cards and they come one per pack.  Some guys I've never heard of before (in a double rookie class...not good).  This Granlund would be my best hit.  And that's not saying much.

Very similar look to the regular base cards.  I'm already getting bored.

I did manage this insert.  It's not numbered...or rare.  I dunno, is this any good?

Quarter box it is.

The "big hit" in my 7 packs was this Mike Richter Immortalized Stanley Cup die-cut card.  I think Panini has a bit of a love affair with putting full shots of The Cup on the front of their cards.

I'm just happy it wasn't Mark Messier.  I've already felt the pain of this pack ripping episode enough.

I need to refer to this post the next time I get the urge to open packs.

Who am I kidding....I'll never learn!

Now, back to my desk cleaning (it would go so much quicker if I just attacked it a little differently.....where's my garbage can?)


  1. "Who am I kidding....I'll never learn!"

    Never have truer words been spoken.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I bought a Walmart three pack and felt like I broke even so seeing that hits and rookies aren't exactly guaranteed success I might avoid the itch to try my luck again and just "walk away"...