Friday, May 9, 2014

HOF AUTOS - Trade Night Trades

Trade night came a week later than usual to start May.  This was due to the Toronto Expo and the mass exodus from my western city to the center of the universe.  That suited me just fine as the weather was a heck of a lot nicer tonight than it has been over the past while.

It was a low attendance number....due in part to the date shift.  But I also think it was because of the NFL Draft that occurred on the same night.  Whatever.

All I know is that I was able to make a couple trades and I predictably caved and bought some wax (more on that another day).  Tonight I'd like to share a couple of the cards I've added to my Hall Of Fame auto collection.

Lanny McDonald
(Inducted in 1992)

This was a bit of a back and forth in my mind.  I wasn't sure if I wanted this card to be the Lanny representative in my collection.  But a quick second look at the photo and I was convinced.

I definitely wanted McDonald as a Flame (which is obvious in the photo) and the photo is circa 1982ish....a prime time in Lanny's career.

A solid signature with great penmanship and it was a great trade.  Happy to add this piece.

Igor Larionov
(Inducted in 2008)

The store busted open one box of the new ITG product Lord Stanley's Mug.  The auto checklist is a solid offering of champions (many of whom are Hall Of Famers).  I was happy to see that Larionov was one of the cards pulled.

The store is really great with trading as I have picked up a number of HOF autos from them in the past.  A quick sift through my trade box and a handshake sealed the deal.

The scan does not do this card justice....they look really nice in person.

So that's two more for the project.  Putting me almost to the halfway mark.  There's a big show later this month and I'm hopeful that I can hit the 50% mark by the end of that weekend.

A great night of trading.

Current Collection - 45 HOF Autos

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