Friday, May 9, 2014

LINDEN CARD(s) OF THE WEEK - Brought To You By The Letters.....

Rarely have I had a mailday consisting of a pair of cards that matched one another perfectly.  The last time I recall was when I received my Captain C top and bottom half cards on the same day (I don't think that one will be matched).

Today though was a very close second.

In a couple of recent product releases, some new Linden concepts have been introduced.....mainly the Nameplate.  A definite love/hate subset.

Love it in the sense that there are game used letters from a jersey.  Hate it in the sense that they are 1/1 cards.  To build a full nameplate from one product would be a very tough task.

Currently I own one letter from the Decades 90s Nameplate and one from the ITG Used product.  One Vancouver jersey, one Montreal.

Check that.

2013/14 In The Game Used
#NP-427 Nameplate "E"  1/1

This letter was won via a good ol' auction on ebay.  I wasn't sure what the going rate would be on the card but I was happy to see it was par for the course.  Within a few bucks of what I spent on the others in my collection.

It arrived with no protection other than a toploader.....and it was in a fairly large bubble mailer.  My heart was racing a bit when I saw the envelope.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know why.

Thankfully the card is in top notch condition and fits nicely in next to my letter "D" from the set.

But why add just one.

2013/14 In The Game Used
#NP-428 Nameplate "N"  1/1

That's right.  I added the final 'N' in Linden's name.  The card came in an almost identical manner.  Toploader....big bubbler.  Aarrrrggghhhhh!!!!!  These destined twins were both risk takers in shipping and I'm happy to say both in great condition now in my collection.

Make a note: if I ever win another with the seller before shipping.

I didn't think that I'd own half the nameplate but when I saw this latest add up for grabs as a BIN or Best Offer (and I was able to get the seller to come way down from the original price to something right along the line of what the other two went for) I thought it would be a chase to try and achieve.

Who knows when the next letter might show up.  And if I'm lucky enough....I might be able to land it.

Until then, I'll just enjoy the additions to my"D"-"E"-"N" collection.

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  1. Nice! Love these letter cards, I wish I could find a Howard for my collection. Good luck finding the others you need. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them.