Tuesday, December 23, 2014


It's been a few days now since my last day of work and boy time has flown by.  Before I know it I'll be heading back to work (let's not think of that right now).

I've been busy.  I started my Christmas shopping a couple days ago.  Should be able to finish today....should.  Went to go see 'Whiplash' at the cheap theatre on Sunday - it was excellent.  JK Simmons is going to win an Oscar.  Awesome performance.

And I've been "binge-listening" to the Serial podcast.  I must have like free time or something.  It too is really well done.

I need to invest in something that sucks so I can bail on it.

Speaking of.....I got a Linden card in the mail today.

From last year's high-end release The Cup, this Brilliance auto is a neat concept.  The scan does not do it justice, but this super-thick card has a clear opening where the auto goes and the Cup logo, "Brilliance" and the Canucks emboss is sunk down to the back of the card.

It looks really good (although I think they should have done a silver or gold pen for the auto.  It's tough to make out sometimes.

Did any of you catch it?

This auto.

I know my guy has a less than desirable signature, but even he can't claim to scribble this bad.

This Brilliance auto is the second one in my collection.  I picked it up not because I'm starting to horde.

This is the first copy of the card I have.  I picked it up last May.

If you can barely make out Linden's signature on this offering, you'll notice it looks nothing like the top card.

So who HARD SIGNED Trev's card?


Guilty for being the league's top scorer...and guilty of not knowing that he does not play for the Vancouver Canucks nor does he look like Trevor Linden.


So what gives?

Clearly it was a case of a stray Linden card getting in the box of Seguin cards for him to sign.  And I'm assuming that when you're scribbling your name hundreds and thousands of times....you tend to not look at what you're signing.

And of course Upper Deck and it's top notch "quality control" didn't catch it either.

When I first saw the card, I wasn't really interested in it, but I was able to trade for it....so why not.

And besides, I missed out on the first goof made by Upper Deck with its Cup product.  (Yeah...that's right...this has happened before).


Hoo boy.  Dare I say......Brilliant.


  1. I believe every card company has now said, %$^# it, just put any old crap in a box and ship it.


    1. Coming soon.....

      2014/15 Upper Deck Crap In A Box.

  2. I can see an auto ending up on the wrong card as those can be difficult to read - but putting the wrong name on a unique piece like a printing plate is awful/hilarious/inexcusable.

    1. I agree....if it were a sticker auto This is a hard signed card. Seguin held the card with Linden's picture on it in his hand and proceeded to sign it.


  3. This is so amazing on so many levels.

  4. Do you still have the Chris Drury card in your collection that was displayed on this site on SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011? The description is below.
    2010/11 SP Game Used
    Career Legacy
    #CL4P-CD Chris Drury /4